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2008March 1, 2008 -Worries bound up in religious precepts are but a waste of time.

Message on March 1, 2008


Together with the pilgrims who came to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju, I prayed the rosary for the realization of the Will of the Lord and the Blessed Mother combined with my own intentions including the conversion of sinners, gracefully offering up the cold early spring weather, holding a candlelight in one hand and the rosary in the other, and walking on the Way of the Cross. While we were praying the Second Sorrowful Mystery, we were at (the replica of) Mt. Calvary and stood before the image of Jesus on the Crucifix. When we finished the Second Sorrowful Mystery and were about to say the Glory Be, a bright light from the sky suddenly flashed on the image of Jesus on the Crucifix, which then turned into the live Jesus, came down on the ground and gave a blessing to all the pilgrims. This light also shone on me like a strong wind, and I fell down on the ground. At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of Jesus.


“My extremely beloved little soul who wishes only for the conversion of the human race, which is surrounded by total darkness and is rushing on the way of perdition, and gracefully offers up the extreme pains! The Heavenly Father is sending down a benediction of boundless blessing through Me instead of the cup of just wrath, because there is a little soul like you who prays earnestly for the conversion of those who judge and insult you with groundless, vicious rumors, putting the blame on yourself only.

My beloved children! Even Solomon, who enjoyed all kinds of prosperity, did not receive these immeasurably valuable graces that you have received and still are receiving here. If God clothes beautifully the wild flowers that blossom today and will be thrown into the fireplace tomorrow, will He not much better clothe you who are working to help my little soul for My sake and My Mother’s?
Therefore, I tell you clearly. Worries bound up in religious precepts are but a waste of time. Those who obstruct the truths and spread errors will surely beat their breasts and wail on the last day, but, if you put into practice the messages of love that I and My Mother have given you, arm yourselves by turning everything in your life into a prayer, and gracefully offer it up, you will not only enjoy eternal happiness in the next world but receive everything in this world as well.”


When I stood up supported by others, I did not see the live Jesus any longer but only saw the image of Jesus on the Crucifix looking down at us. We came down from the Way of the Cross and entered the area where the little stones stained with the Precious Blood of the Lord are preserved. While praying there, we looked up, as the area around the Crucifix became bright as the daytime, and saw the fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus on His statue vigorously flaming up. At that moment, I heard the gentle and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.


"My beloved daughter! My beloved daughter who jumps with joy whenever a sinner repents even in the midst of suffering extreme pains! Also, my beloved children who rushed here responding with ‘Amen’ to My Son Jesus Christ’s and my call even in the midst of cruel persecutions! Thank you. How can God see your devotion and love and still send down the chastisement on this world?
Even though all things in this world change as clothes and buildings change, the Lord Who loves you is eternally immortal. Some of the children are wondering why the Lord is delaying (to finish His work), as He already said, ‘The day when I will finish the work that I started is not far off.’ In fact, it is because the Lord wishes that no one will perish but everyone will repent. Therefore, offer up even more graciously your entire life as prayers.
My beloved children! Even if the heavens and the earth are no more, the Lord’s words will never be nullified but will be accomplished as they are. Therefore, if you open the doors of your hearts widely and draw closer (to the Lord), the fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus will vigorously flame up and remove thoroughly the stains that have made your souls and bodies dirty. Even if this world passes away, you who follow your Lord and me will surely be protected and will be led to the Heavenly Kingdom on the last day, which is filled only with joy, love, peace, and happiness.”


When I raised my head, the pilgrims had just finished the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery and the Glory Be. I could no longer see the fire that had been vigorously flaming up from the Sacred Heart on the statue of Jesus but only saw His statue. (The fire that vigorously flamed up from the Sacred Heart on the statue of Jesus was also witnessed by several pilgrims.)



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