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2006September 2, 2006 -This place where God is personally at work!

Message on September 2, 2006

While the pilgrims were doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain as part of their First Saturday observance, drops of Our Lord's Precious Blood descended upon some of the little rocks on the ground and some of the pilgrims including a priest.  The priest from Germany and other pilgrims, both foreign and Korean, began the overnight prayer meeting together.  At about 12:30 a.m., when we had just finished the rosary prayer walking on the Way of the Cross and began praying before the place where the little rocks stained with the Lord's Precious Blood (which had come down on August 15, 2002) are preserved, the sky became bright and a clear, brilliant and beautiful light radiated from the large statue of Our Lady above the miraculous spring.  I heard the Blessed Mother's kind and beautiful voice.


"My beloved children!  My dear babies who rushed to this place responding with Amen to this Mommy's call to pray together with me on the First Saturday which is the day for commemorating the time when the Lord, your Redeemer, passed from death to resurrection and which is also the day for crossing from death to life!

I love you.  And thank you.  How can I not love you who are gathered like this and are praying, and how intensely will the Lord, Who is Love Itself, love you?  What will your Lord, Who wishes even the most wicked sinners who have perpetrated offenses against the infinite sanctity and dignity of God not to be abandoned but to repent and return and loves them, and I not lay down for you who are visiting this place where God is personally at work?

My beloved children!  When you always remember that your Lord and this Mother, who will walk with you and protect you even when you are faced with extremely dangerous crises while working to make known the miracles of the loftiest and purest love and the messages of love which your Lord, Who is Love Itself, and I have been giving you, are guarding and protecting you, and follow (Us) totally entrusting even all the difficulties in your journey of life (to Us), you will be overfilled with joy, love, and peace.

Numerous children in the world who are wandering in darkness!  Make haste to come to this place, where my Son Jesus and I pray with you for the repentance of sinners even shedding blood, and pray with your hearts widely open.

If more children gather and pray with their hearts widely open and in all sincerity that God, Who listens attentively to the sounds of prayers combined with sacrifices, penances, and gracious offerings by little souls gathered with their hearts filled with unrestricted love and devotion, bestow (on them) the cup of blessing instead of the cup of wrath, He will send down boundless love and blessing instead of the chastisement that He is to send down."

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