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2006October 7, 2006 -The Blood that my Son Jesus and I shed will by no means be wasted.

Message on October 7, 2006 
Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and First Saturday

Many pilgrims came even though it was a major traditional holiday (Chuseok) in Korea. They prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross for the following intentions:

  1. For the triumph and official recognition of Our Lady of Naju;
  2. For the unity, sanctification, and spiritual and physical health of the volunteer helpers in Korea and abroad who are making the Blessed Mother's messages and signs known and giving testimonies;
  3. For the realization of the Lord's Will that the Holy Father is seeking and for his spiritual and physical health and safety;
  4. For the sanctification of the clergy and religious;
  5. For world peace and the conversion of sinners;
  6. For the repentance of the poor souls who have had abortions and for an end to abortions;
  7. For a successful prayer meeting on October 19 in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears of blood in Naju;
  8. For the revitalization of the prayer groups in honor of the Blessed Mother of Naju and for the sanctification of the prayer group members;
  9. For the sanctification of all families and for their spiritual and physical health and harmony.

I could not even move my body, and prayed lying on the ground.  The pains were so severe that I could not say the rosary prayers and only cried out in my mind.

"My dear Mommy! Indeed, the Mother of all the children in the whole world!  I am so full of shortcomings and unworthiness, but offer up all these pains that I am suffering for the Holy Father's spiritual and physical health and his safety; for the sanctification of all the clergy; and for the intentions of your children gathered here and also those who could not come even though they so anxiously desired to do so. Use these pains that I offer up totally for the realization of your intentions."

At that moment, I heard the loving and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother, filled with love.

"My dear daughter whom I love!  You do know that I continue loving you even in your feebleness, don't you?  How can I not love you and not grant your prayers when you graciously offer up your death agonies for the conversion of sinners?  I grant all the prayers that are offered up not for selfish intentions but in humble acceptance of me.

"Yes, Mommy!  I do not deserve to receive your love.  I know it all too well."

"You know well that love can flame up brightly and vigorously only through endless sacrifices, penances, and gracious offerings, and are now offering up your pains praying for the Pope, who is the successor of Peter, the rock of the Church, for the clergy so that they may faithfully carry out their duties as ministers of the Lord, and also for the children gathered here, their families, friends, and even neighbors so that they may repent, reconcile with each other, and receive spiritual and physical healings."

"Dear Mother!  My prayers, sacrifices, reparations, and offerings are by far too insufficient.  I also know well that I am so unqualified.  Besides, I make so many mistakes in everything."

"My poor daughter who calls herself an unworthy and unqualified one but always has to offer up pains for the conversion of sinners!

As you carry the burden of penance in reparation for the sins committed by the numerous souls who are ungrateful for the graces they have received, I will work with you who carry the burden of penance and still think humbly that you are unworthy and unqualified.  Even if the burden of penance that you have to carry is heavy, follow me with love to climb Mt. Calvary with my Son Jesus and offer up (your pains) even more graciously for the conversion of sinners.

All the beloved children in the world! I have chosen so many souls to use them as instruments, but my Son Jesus cannot help shedding blood even today because the great majority of the children commit the insulting and disrespectful act of putting their own selves first and the rudeness of deserting and betraying my messages.

Even among the clergy who are supposed to lead all the children in this world to Heaven, the souls of a large majority of them have become thrown into confusion and joined forces with the devil. With a hypocrisy of external decorations only, they are cruelly whipping, scorning, and insulting the Lord, the High Priest, and thus making Him, your Redeemer, continuously bleed on the Cross even now.

But my beloved children! The Blood that my Son Jesus and I shed will by no means be wasted but be transfused into the souls of those who draw close (to Us) with their hearts widely open, heal their spiritual and physical illnesses, bring them blessings of joy, love, and peace, and lead them to victory over the devils who are filling the sky and the earth.

Be careful, however! After you receive grace, you must be more awake and lead a life of thanksgiving.  That is because the devil will make every effort to take away the grace from you.  You know well about "the unclean spirit who returned" mentioned in the Gospel. The devil entered someone and harassed him. When he was driven out of his house, he roamed about searching for a place to rest but, finding none, went back to the same house.  But upon arriving, he found the house swept clean and put in order and could not dare enter it by himself. So, he went and brought many of the more vicious devils. Then, the condition of that person became worse than before. That is why I have asked you not to be conceited about the grace you have received but always be grateful, remain awake, and pray.

My beloved children who answered my call saying Amen and rushed here to pray!  I love you all regardless of the condition of your mind as you came here.  Also, believe without doubt that many merits will accumulate in Heaven when you gather and pray together.  As my messages are based on love, if anyone repents and puts them into practice, mercy and love will overflow in his soul and he will inherit eternal happiness in Heaven on the last day."

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