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2006October 19, 2006(2) - Ask him that the proper place

Message on October 19, 2006(2)

I prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross where Jesus and the Blessed Mother walk with us.  Then, I gave adoration to Jesus on the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary and, as usual, touched the feet of Jesus’image with my hand in the spirit of touching His real bleeding feet.  As soon as I touched His feet, the vividly-red Precious Blood flowed down to the back of my hand.  Those whosaw this screamed and began crying.  At that moment, I heard the kind but sorrowful voice of the Blessed Mother.


"My beloved daughter!  
My Son Jesus, Who so deeply loves all the children in the world, has divinity and should receive power, honor, glory, and worship, but hides all His power, dignity, and divinity and is bleeding on the Cross like this as the Transfuser Who thoroughly washes away the sordid dirt on the children all over the world and saves them.  Therefore, make this known without delay to the Pope, who is my intensely beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain, and ask him that the proper place for the Lord, your Savior, and me be restored.

He has become a parent to all the people as the Lord’s Vicar and has suffered many kinds of pains while personally looking after my children.  However, he has been the faithful first son of the Church who has comforted My Son Jesus and me by completely entrusting his pains to the Lord and graciously offering up his ceaseless sacrifices, reparations, and self-renunciations.  That is why I am making this request to him.

Inform him without fail that God the Father, who has seen this world which has offended and contradicted the infinitely holy and dignified God and thus reached the state of eternal destruction, wishes that, before He sends down the Great Disaster, he, the Head of the Church, recognize Naju, Korea, without delay, and the glorious light of the Lord thus radiate upon the whole world through him.

In this dangerous age when the violence of the cunning devil is growing with a terrifying force, spreading errors to make even the fervent souls reject me and turning even the shepherds into heretics who lead the herds of numerous sheep following them to the path leading to hell, there is no time to hesitate or procrastinate.

My beloved daughter who always lowers herself saying that she is unworthy and unqualified!  Make haste to inform the Pope, the first Son of the Church, whom I have nurtured and raised, as his help is necessary for the messages of the Lord, your Savior, and my burning Immaculate Heart to spread to the children in the world and for the poor and pitiful children who are in sins to receive new life and salvation.

My beloved son, the Pope, who is the eldest son and rock of God’s Holy Church and Peter’s successor!  As I wish to repel heresies and errors, which are gnawing even at the Church, through the Pope, my beloved son, whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain, I wish (the Pope) to comply with the Lord’s wish to save the world, by taking the numerous souls, who have lost their way and are rushing on the road to hell, on board Mary’s Ark of Salvation which I have prepared and guide them to Heaven.

All the signs and messages of love given in Naju, Korea, must be approved as soon as possible, as the Lord wishes.  He wishes to save all the children in the world and lead them to the new life of resurrection with His Precious Blood and Body, through which He has desired to be with you, living and breathing.

When the messages of love that the Lord and I have been giving you spread to the whole world, even the clergy fallen into errors will repent, become holier priests, become faithful to their vocation, and carry out well the work as the ministers of transfusion (of the Lord’s Precious Blood into people). If all the clergy accept and put into practice the messages of love and the prayers of life which I have given to my daughter, their lives will improve, the Church, which has become so corrupt, will be reformed, and, as a result, the herds of numerous sheep who follow them will repent, be liberated from the road to hell, and walk toward Heaven.  Then, God the Father’s just wrath will relent.

My son, the Pope, whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain!  My poor daughter, who always asks for more pains and suffers them in reparation for the sins overflowing in the world, is graciously offering up her pains to comply with the Lord’s wish and for the Pope, the eldest son of the Church, and is praying for the conversion of sinners.  I wish (the Pope) to listen to the sorrow-filled pleas of the little soul whom this Mother has chosen.

As this is linked directly to the salvation of the children of the whole world, which God the Father most ardently wishes and which would give Him the greatest joy, if you comply with it, God will send down His boundless blessing on this world situated in danger."

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