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2007March 3, 2007 -I send down the light of love that flames up vigorously in My Sacred Heart.

Message on March 3, 2007 - First Saturday


On this First Saturday of March and the Lenten season, from about 8:40 p.m., I prayed the rosary with all my heart together with pilgrims walking on the Way of the Cross and, when we were praying the Second Sorrowful Mystery, I entered the area where the little stones stained with Our Lord’s Precious Blood are preserved.

When we reached the Third Sorrowful Mystery, meditating on the Lord suffering from wearing the Crown of Thorns, there was a bright light from the direction of the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary, and I looked. I saw a fire flaming up vigorously in the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Crucifix. When we were praying the Glory Be ending the rosary, the light from the Sacred Heart of Jesus became stronger and burst out. I fell down on the ground by the power of the strong light. The light was also pouring down on all the pilgrims who were praying.

When I fell, I hit something hard, but the Blessed Mother came closer to me as if flying and got hold of me, preventing me from getting hurt at all.

When I got up and looked at Jesus on Mt. Calvary, He was alive and smiling. As I kept looking at Jesus with amazement, He began speaking lovingly and kindly.



"My beloved little soul!
I send down the light of love that flames up vigorously in My Sacred Heart upon you who makes efforts to graciously offer up the extreme death agony for the sanctification of the clergy and the repentance of sinners and also on all the children who are praying together with you.
All my beloved children who gathered here responding with Amen to My Mother’s call! If there are some people whom you consider your enemies, forgive them while you are praying now. Then, the light of the most sublime and pure love that I have poured out for your sake will penetrate you, and you will be renewed.
At least you whom I have chosen should not ruin the work because you are fettered by laws but, arming yourselves with the messages of love that I and My Mother have given you and turning your lives into prayers, make your best efforts so that numerous souls may be freed from the road to hell and enjoy Heaven, become born again with love, and lower yourselves further so that you may become my humble little souls who do not forget to give thanks for the graces that you have received.
Dear children!
When I cured ten lepers two thousand years ago, only one of them, a gentile from Samaria, came back to give praise to God. It is the same in this age. On how many of My beloved children have I, together with My Mother, bestowed the graces of repentance and healed them spiritually and physically even by showing numerous signs in Naju, Korea, which is My youngest child, through My humble little soul who has been called to a great role?
Even most of My little souls who have been called to Heaven cling to Me and My Mother begging eagerly as if clinging to a life buoy, but, once they receive the grace they have been asking for, they are grateful only briefly and then return to their miserable life joining forces with the devil of pride, frequently enter through the widely open gate of hell, and thus give the Hearts of My Mother and Me the pains of being torn apart into thousands and tens of thousands of pieces.
My extremely beloved children!
The time has become near. As there is no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, make haste to help Me so that I may finish the work that I began. I want at least you, who know that those children who take care of many tasks, graciously offering up their numerous sufferings, to wake up in haste and take the lead courageously in saving this world contaminated with evil.
My beloved children who have been called!
Because you have participated in suffering for My and My Mother’s sake receiving all kinds of persecution while I and My Mother have been undergoing all kinds of trials, so, as My Father has given Me royal authority, I will take you to Heaven and let you share love eating and drinking at My table.”


When Jesus finished speaking, He raised high His right arm and gave His blessing saying, “Now! Receive the blessing of My most sublime and pure love,” and, then, He returned to the appearance of His image on the Crucifix.


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