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2007May 5, 2007 - Making a new start is very important.

Message on May 5, 2007 - First Saturday


At about 8: 30 p.m., we began praying the rosary holding lit candles and walking on the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. After we reached the area where little stones stained with the Lord’s Precious Blood are preserved, we offered the closing prayer by singing a hymn in praise of the Blessed Mother, looking at her statue. While singing the hymn, I suddenly noticed the hem of the Blessed Mother’s dress flapping and saw the statue turned into the live Blessed Mother.


At about the same time, powerful light radiated from the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary, and the image of Jesus on the Crucifix also turned into the live Jesus. Jesus came down from the Cross and stood on the left side of the Blessed Mother. Jesus and the Blessed Mother together raised both hands to bless us. Jesus was radiating the light of mercy, while the Blessed Mother was sending down the water of mercy like dewdrops upon all who were praying. The Blessed Mother began speaking kindly with a voice filled with intimate tenderness and love.



"My extremely beloved daughter! My beloved children who rushed to this place responding to my call with Amen! Thank you. My Son Jesus and I send down boundless blessings on all of you who came here and are praying to praise and honor My Son Jesus and me.
At this hour when the numerous children of this dangerous world mired in a great degradation are seeking pleasure, you are gathered and are praying together at this holy place where My Son Jesus walked with you shedding Blood. With the light of mercy (from Jesus) and the streams of water of the extreme motherly love and mercy from this Mommy, (Jesus and I) intend to save you by washing away thoroughly the filthy stains that have made your souls and bodies sordid.
My beloved children! God is just, but is Love Itself and is boundlessly merciful to the children who repent. Therefore, I want you not to linger on the past mistakes and thus calculate and weigh in your own way of thinking, but to draw closer (to the Lord and me) as simple children.
If someone was in sin in the past but has sincerely repented and is living the life of new resurrection, you must never criticize him for his past or condemn him as a sinner.
Because numerous children of this world look at everything in their own way of thinking, they fall into narcissism and, thereby, frequently reason everything with their negative thinking and condemn others with prejudices.
Thus, they do not perceive the beams in their own eyes but only notice the specks in their neighbors’ eyes. Therefore, before judging and criticizing your neighbors, remove the beams of self-centered obstinacy from your own eyes first. And, after restoring beauty and purity in your eyes woven with self-renunciation, make efforts to help your neighbors remove specks from their eyes while first doing to them what you wish them to do to you. Then, they will also eventually repay you with love, thus winning a victory against the devil of division and achieving unity in love. If all these are joined with your turning your life at every moment of every day into a prayer, what else will it be than a paradise on earth?
My extremely beloved children! You are rich, as you have recognized this Mommy’s voice, as I have been screaming until my throat becomes torn, and have rushed to My Son Jesus and me. Even the prophets and kings of the old times wished to see but did not see and wished to hear but did not hear the unprecedented miracles and signs shown through my extremely beloved daughter, but you, who have responded to my invitation with Amen simple-heartedly, have all seen and heard them, haven’t you?
You may hear many criticisms with preposterous words and suffer all kinds of insults and persecutions while working to follow My Son Jesus and me, but I will shield you with my mantle and rescue you, even if you are helplessly threatened with imminent crises, if you spread and practice the messages of love that My Son Jesus and I have been giving you and work in unity with love.
If you face the last moments of your life not letting go of the hands of me, who is the string that ties Heaven and earth together, you will wear the laurel crown at my side on the last day, pick and eat fruits from the tree of eternal life, and sing glory and alleluia to God. Therefore, make a new start at every moment as humbler little souls.
Making a new start is very important. I will offer up even the most ungrateful sinners to God the Father with the transcendence of my boundless love, if they ardently wish to receive salvation, shedding tears and sincerely repenting like Mary Magdalene, and follow me. Therefore, do not worry or fear but entrust (yourselves) to me in a simple way like little babies."

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