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2006April 14, 2006 - Happy pains that bring hope!

Message on April 14, 2006

At about 3 a.m. on Good Friday, I began praying before the altar of repose at the place on the Blessed Mother's Mountain where the Lord's Precious Blood had descended on August 15, 2002 and participating in several kinds of extreme pains that the Lord and the Blessed Mother were suffering.

In the afternoon, from about 2:30, I suffered severe pains of the Seven Wounds of Jesus.  At about 2:40, blood exuded from my forehead, flowed down, and dripped down from the tip of my nose.

At about 3 p.m., I returned to the altar of repose supported by others meditating on the Lord's Passion, before beginning the Stations of the Cross.  There already were a monsignor, a priest, and more than 30 other pilgrims from the Philippines, a priest and more than 80 other pilgrims from Indonesia, about fifteen pilgrims from the United States, several pilgrims from Germany, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and many Korean pilgrims, gathered with the intention of observing the Triduum together with the Blessed Mother of Naju.

While I was offering up the opening prayers before the altar of repose together with the pilgrims, I suddenly screamed loudly in spite of myself and collapsed from the pains of being scourged all over my body and being nailed to the cross.

 While doing the Stations of the Cross, I felt very cold and fell several times because of merciless scourging.  When I reached the Twelfth Station, I saw a vision:  as soon as Jesus breathed His last, the black curtain was removed, the gate of Heaven opened, and God revealed the image of a white Sacred Host and poured down clear and bright light like the rays of the sun upon all the people present there, healing their souls and bodies.

After the Stations of the Cross, we went down to Calvary Hill.  When I began praying before the Crucifix, I saw another vision:  The side of Jesus on the Cross opened and His Blood and water poured down to the last drop upon all who were present.  At that moment, I heard Jesus' voice, which sounded anxious but kind.

"Oh, My beloved little soul who has been called with extreme love!  The pains of wearing the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown, being scourged, and being crucified because of the sins of the specially-called clergy, religious and children are greater than the pains of the suffering and dying on the Cross two thousand years ago, but My burning thirst is being well quenched by a little soul like you who participates in My extreme sufferings for the conversion and salvation of the children in the world who have lost their sense of direction and have become like beasts with human faces.

As so many of My children whom I have specially called and installed (as My workers) say that they love Me and My Mother but indulge themselves in their complicated and disorderly thoughts and go against God, I feel painful to the extent of not even being able to look at them.  Now, even after two thousand years have passed since My Crucifixion, I am still nailed to the Cross day after day like this and am shedding Blood and water to the last drop for the conversion of sinners, am I not?

However, because there is a little soul like you who willingly and graciously participates in My sufferings for saving the whole world through the victory of My mercy and love, I and My Mother are comforted, and the cup of God the Father's just anger is being delayed.

How can I not love you after seeing your pains of reparation accompanied by your gracious sacrifices which you willingly offer up so that the numerous children of the world may repent and possess the tree of eternal life, saying that your pains are "happy pains that bring hope"?

(Julia:  I shouted in my heart:  "I am a sinner who is so unworthy, unqualified, and lowly.  I am an unqualified person who cannot do anything.  I am truly unworthy.")

My darling little baby whom I love!  Through the pains you suffer while acknowledging that you are an unworthy, unqualified, and lowly sinner, even those souls who are rushing toward hell will return to the bosom of the Holy Catholic Church.  As I and My Mother dwell in your childlike heart with which you acknowledge that you are a sinner who is always unworthy and lowly, do not worry or hesitate but resolutely and courageously spread (the messages) to the children in the world with the invincible weapon* that I gave you so that they may achieve victory over the cunning devil of division and ascend to Heaven.

Then, through the pains of double deaths that you suffer while participating in My pains, the numerous souls who had been walking on the road to hell, thrusting their fingers at others' faces with misguided theories and reasoning, will sincerely repent, and the number of the souls who turn around and say: "It has been my fault," will increase.  What else could this be than the happy pains that bring hope as you scream?  Isn't that true?

Dear clergy and all the children in the world who have responded to My call with 'Amen'!  Today I wish to give the totality of My Love to all of you to heal your arid souls and bodies as well as your sick families so that they may become revitalized.  I have already completely laid down Myself by shedding Blood even for the most wicked sinners who indulge themselves in doing evil and reject Me and My Mother.  What would I not lay down for you who seek Me?

The light of My Love with which I laid down My entire Body for all the children in the world will shine not only on you but also on those people whom you specially pray for. Therefore, I desire that you, who have been called, now distance yourselves from the things of the world, always remember My Cross which is for your salvation, seek the highest good and love, take all the souls who have become contaminated with sins on board Mary's Ark of Salvation which My Mother has prepared, and make sure that they never get off.

I will soon go to each of you together with My Mother, bringing rewards and fire to separate good heads of grain from weeds and reward each according to his works. I desire that at least you, who are supposed to know Me and My Mother, do your best by perpetuating the Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and Resurrection in reparation for the most horrible sins of blasphemy and the sins of going against God the Father's solemn dignity, so that all may be saved.

All My dear children in the world!  Even when a dangerous crisis befalls you and you are unable to do anything about it because of its suddenness while working to make known the highest and purest love of Me and My Mother, I and My Mother will guard and protect you, sustain you so that you may never give up despite difficulties, and always be with you as your companions even if any natural disasters visit you, and you will escape from the disaster of the flames of justice.

Therefore, through My Mother who is the shortcut in coming to Me, have total trust in Me, your Redeemer and Judge of justice, and become lowlier and littler souls.  And take the lead and spread (the messages) valiantly to save the world of misery which is drifting toward its destruction.

Even today I intend to transfuse to you My Blood which I shed on the Cross like this in order to thoroughly wash away your dirty stains.  I want all of you to love one another and take the lead in saving the world with the transcendence of My love with which I shed Blood from the Cross because I love even the most wicked sinners.

I desire that at least you, whom I have chosen, empty again and again your minds which have become filled with riches and thus become humble and little souls, and unite with My highest and purest love with which I want to save all the children with the immeasurable merits of the sufferings on the Cross and the love in My Sacred Heart. Thus, accept totally in your hearts My Mother's boundless love with which she loves you so dearly and become one with Her Heart.  May the infinite blessing, love and peace be always with you who came here seeking Me and My Mother!"

When Jesus finished speaking, he disappeared.  I could only see His image on the Crucifix.  Also, my pains had been so severe to the extent of needing a wheelchair, but the pains were gone after I received the message and I felt my body as light as a bird's feather**.

(Translator's note:  *Julia explains that "the invincible weapon" the Lord mentions here refers to the combined love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with which we can love everyone regardless of his condition.  This expression had also been used in several earlier messages from the Lord and the Blessed Mother in Naju (for example, in the June 30, 1995 and June 13, 2000 messages).

**About three hours later, just before Julia began meditating and praying before the Crucifix, severe pains returned to her.

On Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006, the wounds from scourging on Julia's body were still visible, even though bleeding had stopped and the wounds were healing.  Her clothes and socks stained with blood and water from the wounds have been preserved.  She still had much pain in her swollen neck which was hit hard from behind during the Stations of the Cross.)


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