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2006August 15, 2006 -I will not waste even one drop of your sweat.

Message on August 15, 2006 - Solemnity of Our Lady's Assumption

On this great feast of the Blessed Mother's Assumption, I first thought about washing her statue in preparation for crowning her with a new crown brought by some pilgrims. While praying, though, the Blessed Mother let me know that it was not what she wished.

At about 5 p.m., when I was still praying in the Chapel, I saw the stains of tears of blood on the Blessed Mother's statue, which had remained there since December 31, 2005 when she had shed tears of blood, and the stains of fragrant oil, which had continued exuding from her statue, suddenly disappear. I was so surprised and said, "O my! Mommy! How . . .!" Still looking at her statue, I continued, "Did you have an angel clean your statue again or did you do it yourself?" The Blessed Mother did not answer.

I prostrated before the Sacred Host that had bled on May 6, 2005 and began meditation repeatedly expressing my gratitude for the Blessed Mother's statue becoming clean and beautiful again, "Mommy! Now, do not shed tears of blood any more. At least today, be filled with joy." At that moment, the light of mercy from the Sacred Host began radiating brilliantly, and the Lord began speaking with a kind voice.


"My beloved little soul! How good it would be if all the children in the world thought as you do now. In this age, are not many of the clergy whom I have personally anointed and installed keeping their distance from My Mother, following her only superficially, and compromising for convenience's sake with the secular world infected with errors?

Because the shepherds, who are supposed to break down the errors and defend the truth, are keeping their minds closed, blocking the way of the truth with selfishness, and compromising for convenience's sake with the secular world infected with errors, the messages of love, which My Mother and I have been giving you, are not being realized, the long-awaited opportunities for the herds of many sheep to be saved are being wasted, and everything is being squandered. Because of this, the fire in My Sacred Heart continues flaming up vehemently.

On the other hand, as there is a little soul like you, who only wishes the repentance of this world and offers up the extreme pains, My Mother's tears of blood can be wiped away, and I and My Mother can be consoled.

All my beloved children in the world! As My Mother Mary has prepared Mary's Ark of Salvation, larger than the universe, to take all the children in the world aboard and lead them to Heaven, and has invited you all and taken you aboard, rely on her with trust, always responding with Amen, and read the messages of love carefully and put them into practice so that you may not look back, glance sideways or get off the Ark.

The messages of love, which My Mother and I have been giving you can be a brake that restrains disorder and contains disasters, but even the children who have been called do not understand this and are not accepting them fully. If you remain unrepentant until the last moment, God's response will be stern, and you will not be able to escape the disaster of blazing fire.

However, I will not waste even one drop of your sweat but use it for the repentance of sinners in response to your prayers, as you, who are little souls, gather on the mountain prepared by My Mother and pray, dripping with sweat. As the prayers that you offer up as sacrifices will not be in vain but will bring overflowing rewards to you in the next world, I wish that you try harder and do your best heroically.

My beloved children who have been called! If you, remembering that I and My Mother are always with you and bless you as you pray, do not succumb to any adversities or criticisms or refuse the cross, but make the combined love from Me and My Mother known to many souls so that they may receive the grace of repentance, then you will accumulate treasures in Heaven, the home which you will inherit on the last day.


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