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2001November 6, 2001 -Remain awake to meet the Lord, your Redeemer.

Message on November 6, 2001 

We were doing the Stations of the Cross, praying and meditating on Jesus carrying the Cross.  At the Eighth Station, where Jesus saw the women of Jerusalem weeping for Him and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem!  Do not weep for Me; weep instead for yourselves and for your children's (Luke 23:28), I saw a vision. 

There were a very large number of people gathered together.  Among them were the Holy Father, many clergy, religious and lay people.  A while later it became windy, and most people were being swayed by the wind like reeds.  Those who were following the Lord and the Blessed Mother were striving hard not to be swayed by the wind and continued to stand firm.  It would have been much easier for them to be swayed by the wind together with others, but they were trying hard not to lose their balance.  Because of this, they were considered obstacles by those people who were being swayed by the wind.  These people recklessly pushed and poked from all directions those who were following the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  A small number among those who had been following the Lord and the Blessed Mother were no longer able to withstand pains and joined others who were being swayed by the wind. 

Some time passed.  Jesus and the Blessed Mother came down to us, riding clouds and surrounded by the angels, and looked closely at each and every one in the crowd.  Then, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a kind, loving voice.

My beloved children! Now, make haste to repent, as before not too long it will be the time of harvest for separating good heads of grain and empty ones.  I have told you so anxiously that there is no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, but...  I cannot control sadness, because even most of my children who have been called are not offering up little flowers of self-denials at every moment and are not becoming completely dissolved in my Immaculate Heart by turning their lives into prayers, but are trying to put down the cross, saying that it is too heavy. 

Meditate more deeply on the Words of the Lord, your Redeemer:  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.  Then, you will understand well that the Lord was not just referring to richness in worldly possessions.  Children!  If you do not empty your hearts but remain rich in your hearts with all kinds of covetousness, misguided spirituality, and pride, how can the Lord live there?

In this age which has become urgent, the World of Mystery is being torn down, but bear in mind that the release of the wrath of God the Father is being delayed thanks to your spirit and life of martyrdom by which you try with all your bodies and all your hearts to participate in the death agony which the Lord underwent on Calvary, lamenting with deep love and tears for my sake and for the sake of my Son Jesus, your Redeemer, and also thanks to the fervent prayers, sacrifices and reparations by the little souls who are imploring me.  And multiplying your strenuous efforts to display the power of love, offer up prayers, sacrifices and reparations for those souls who are being swayed by wind like reeds.

As you are now experiencing all kinds of insults and pains for Jesus and me, living among people who are being swayed by wind like reeds in the world, you will be counted as good heads of grain thanks to the universal graces (graces that are made available to everyone) from God.  Even those souls who are now being swayed by wind like reeds will also be counted as good heads of grain, if they repent completely and follow my words.

However, as God allowed free will to humans, if they do not follow my words totally, turn their backs to me, and persist in remaining as empty heads of grain, God will remove their share of the fruits from the tree of eternal life that had been prepared for you.  Then, where will those souls go?

My children who have been chosen!  Always remembering this Mamma's words: God can destroy in one moment iron pillars and bronze walls however solidly they may have been built and can also raise them up, be prepared and remain awake to meet the Lord, your Redeemer, Who will come to you soon, bringing rewards and fire, and (meet) me.

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, Jesus and the Blessed Mother shone the light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the light of mercy upon everyone and returned to Heaven.  At that moment, those who were striving hard not to join forces with others who were being swayed by wind saw that the Lord and the Blessed Mother were shining light upon them, and received that light with open arms and with happy faces, and, with a renewed courage and strength, were able to stand firm.


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