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2001November 9, 2001 -There is no more time to procrastinate.

Message on November 9, 2001

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross (on the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju), praying and meditating deeply in my heart on the Lord's receiving the death sentence, becoming covered all over with wounds from cruel beating and scourging, and carrying the Cross toward Mt. Calvary, one Station after another, I was able to participate more intimately in the Lord's sufferings. I felt my body becoming very heavy and was unable to walk even one more step. As I was crawling on the ground dragging my feet, I could not open my eyes and was losing consciousness. At the Sixth Station, I was meditating on St. Veronica courageously approaching the Lord in the midst of many people's ridicules and insults, without paying attention to them, and, with her whole heart, wiping the Lord's face stained with blood and sweat and cleaning His eyes covered with blood and clots of blood from His forehead torn by the crown of thorns, enabling the Lord to barely open His eyes and see. Then, I saw a vision.

I saw the Lord, covered all over with wounds and bleeding, together with the Blessed Mother, shedding tears of blood at His side. Jesus was being scourged every time people sinned. Because of the unceasing scourging, His whole body was becoming torn and split and was bleeding continuously. The Precious Blood flowing from His forehead because of the crown of thorns was covering His eyes. He looked so miserable beyond description. The Blessed Mother began speaking with a very loving and yet anxious voice.

My beloved daughter who has been called as a little soul! The Lord, Who is your Redeemer and intensely loves even the most wicked sinners, was nailed to the Cross, died, was buried, and resurrected in three days, but He is still shedding blood like this for the conversion of sinners and for the sanctification of priests even now, two thousand years afterwards.

Now, because of the cunning devil's temptation, even most of the children whom I have called, the clergy, and the religious have become blind and deaf, have lost their sense of direction, and are about to enter the wide-open gates of hell, to say nothing of their failure to practice the messages of love which my Son Jesus and I scream, even repeating the same words again and again. Because of this, the wrath of God is pouring down (upon the world), and, as I am holding the cup (of God's wrath), my Heart also is burning with flames so vigorously that it is becoming an active volcano. On the other hand, I am also being consoled, because there are little souls like you.

Oh, my loving and obedient daughter who has been trying to become a mop to clean souls! You have also been trying to become pliers to pull out nails driven into my Son Jesus?body whenever people commit sins. You have also wanted to become a person who stitches up with love the wounds in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart. You have also offered up your most valuable time to the Lord and me to become a handkerchief to wipe away my Son Jesus?blood and sweat and my tears and tears of blood. What would I not want to give you?

You have already heard and know well that my Son Jesus and I are sad when you are sad; we suffer when you feel painful and suffer; and my Son Jesus and I are happy and rejoice with you when you are happy and joyful. Remembering that I listen attentively to the sounds of fervent prayers which you offer up at the Stations of the Cross on Calvary and that I accompany you, shedding tears of blood at the side of my Son Jesus Who is shedding blood and is with you, become more awake and live a consecrated life for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of the clergy.

All the children in the world! I have told you so anxiously that God the Father's response of justice will be relentless and a safe tomorrow cannot be promised, but how can you be so negligent of listening to my anxious pleas which I scream, vomiting blood? I have already implored you anxiously, saying “Do not bring upon yourselves the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood?(February 3, 1994), and warned you several times that the time of the great distress is close at hand. Even so, if you do not repent, and even most of the clergy sing of peaceful times and fail to remain awake, what will happen to the herds of sheep which are following them? There is no more time to procrastinate.

As the time allowed by God is already coming to an end, meditate on the era of Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed because there were not even ten just persons, and make haste to wake up and pray so that you may be saved from the chastisement and disaster of the blazing fire of sulfur which is to fall upon the world.

My beloved children who have been called! Bear in mind that this world has already fallen into a crisis of turning into ashes because of the extreme sins, but my Son Jesus gave you one more chance thanks to the fervent prayers, sacrifices and reparations by you, the little souls. At least you should become completely dissolved in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation, and my Immaculate Heart; and, by turning your lives into prayers, bind up the Lord's bleeding wounds, stitch them up, and clean them.

When the sounds of prayers by you, the little souls united with love in the Holy Trinity, are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the crisis of a Third World War will be averted. However, if the children in the world fail to the end to accept the messages of love which my Son Jesus and I are giving them, to repent, and to remain awake, I will no longer be able to hold the cup of God's wrath.

My beloved children! When my Son Jesus sits in the royal throne together with me at His side, surrounded by all the angels in Heaven, and separates the good heads of grain and the empty ones, shouldn’t you be counted as good ones instead of being separated as empty ones?

Therefore, do not hesitate or delay but tightly hold the hands of me, who am the string that ties Heaven and earth together, put the messages of love into practice, and thus participate in the work of saving this world. By doing this, join in the eternal heavenly banquet in the midst of the cheers by the angels and Saints in Heaven, where there is no death, starving, thirsting, sadness, suffering, or sighs any longer but which is only filled with love; and participate in the glory.

At the Tenth Station, I was still weak and exhausted, unable to open my eyes. When a man who was praying shouted, " Ah! It's blood!?I barely managed to open my eyes and saw fresh blood here and there on the ground. We began looking more closely and found rocks and fallen leaves with blood on them from the Third Station to the Fifteenth where Jesus resurrected. When I dipped my finger in the blood, my finger became stained with blood which seemed to have been freshly shed.


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