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2001November 3, 2001 -I love all of you so much.

Message on November 3, 2001

We were doing the Stations of the Cross early in the morning.  At the Twelfth Station, I was absorbed in deep meditation on the immense Love with which the Lord was cruelly nailed to the Cross for three hours, shedding all His Blood and Water to the last drop for us, sinners, and I implored Him:

“Oh, my Love, my Lord!  It is First Saturday today which the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven and our true Mother, said commemorates the long, long, cruel day of her suffering when she was left alone, having lost the Lord, and is a day when she calls her children to pray with her.

‘I always had sufferings from the day I conceived Jesus my Son, but, on Holy Saturday, I expressed sorrows externally for the first time and cried so miserably all night praying for my Son Jesus and for sinners. Those painful hours were also the time for transition from my Son's Death to His Resurrection, a day for going from death to life. This is the reason why I asked you to pray with me tonight.

With this message (on February 6, 1993), the Blessed Mother called many children to pray together on the First Saturday night. Those who have responded to her call with an Amen are gathered here and are praying together. Touch and console every one of them so that they may not be like a broken jar that cannot hold water but may become reborn in the Holy Spirit. Wash away the sins of all those who seek the Lord and the Blessed Mother with the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds. Then, as they repent of their sins, they will become healed in both their souls and bodies, become dissolved in the Sacred Heart of the Lord and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother as little souls, experience love and peace in the joy of humbly uniting with the Saints, become one in the Holy Trinity, and give glory to the Lord.

Oh, my Lord! My all, my life, and my eternal Beloved! I love Thee and praise Thee. With the merits of suffering on the Cross and with the amazing Love with which the Lord conquered death and resurrected, send down a sweet rain on all the souls!

At that moment, the Precious Blood gushed out of the Seven Wounds of the Lord Who was nailed to the Cross, and was poured upon us all.  Then, Jesus spoke very lovingly.

My beloved little soul!  I love all of you so much (as to pour down My Blood upon you).

Because I smelled an intense odor of blood, I looked closely at those who were praying with me, but did not see any blood on them.  When the Precious Blood gushed out (of the Lord's Body hanging on the Cross), there also was an intense fragrance of roses.  Streams of the water of mercy poured down behind us, also giving off an intense fragrance of roses.  We were overjoyed, because we saw that the Lord was giving us His Precious Blood in front of us as if to draw us forward, while the Blessed Mother was giving us streams of the water of mercy behind us as if to push us.  We praised the Lord and the Blessed Mother.


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