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2002January 5, 2002 -Your bloody pains will not be fruitless

Message on January 5, 2002

First Saturday, I was doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's mountain, meditating on the unlimited love of Jesus Who climbed Mt. Calvary carrying the Cross in silence and with love despite the cruel pains which were beyond human imagination. When I was thinking about how painful it must have been to Him moment after moment as He also had a human body, I could not stop weeping.

At the Seventh Station where Jesus fell the second time, I saw a vision of a Roman soldier striking Jesus on His left cheek (the left cheekbone right under the eye) mercilessly with his ringed fist.

At that moment, another soldier kicked Jesus violently as if trying to outdo the first soldier. Simultaneously, I suffered the pains that the Roman soldiers inflicted upon Jesus with their acts of desecration and instantaneously tumbled several times on the ground.

A while later when I regained consciousness, I realized that there actually was a large cut on my left cheek. As the pain was particularly severe, I understood that Jesus was beaten repeatedly on the same wound on His face.

At the Ninth Station, Jesus was able to stand up with a great difficulty and only after several unsuccessful efforts, without anyone's help, as He had already lost most of His energy. After Jesus stood up, a Roman soldier resumed whipping and cruelly kicking Him as if to ridicule Him. It was a scene that one could not look at with open eyes. At that moment, I participated in the pains that Jesus suffered. As I was being cruelly whipped and kicked, I fell down and tumbled on the ground.

At the Tenth Station, many people were ridiculing Jesus with all kinds of insults and curses, frequently striking Jesus'body. Every time they struck and ridiculed Jesus from all directions, my body was also shaken. When they hit Jesus harder, my body was shaken more violently.

At the Twelfth Station, I saw a vision of Jesus breathing His last on the Cross and a Roman soldier piercing the Lord's right side with a spear. At the same moment, a spear pierced my side and penetrated my heart. This occurred instantaneously and was accompanied with a truly incredible pain. I screamed loudly "Aak!" and fell backward. At that moment, Jesus stretched out His arms and bestowed light upon all of us. I said loudly, "Receive the light!" The light that poured out of Jesus?both hands was shining upon everyone's head. Seconds later, the light turned into drops of blood and dripped upon everyone's head. Then, I heard the loving, kind, and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.

" My beloved daughter! My lovable daughter who finds happiness in suffering pains because you want to become a handkerchief of love to wipe away my Son Jesus? blood and sweat and my tears of blood, become pliers of love to pull out nails from my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart, and become a tailor to mend the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart which have been torn! 

Your bloody pains will not be fruitless, and, through the sacrifices and reparations that you (plural) offer up, many souls will receive the grace of repentance. Therefore, become a net of even greater love and go forward doing your best in a heroic way in response to my wish to save all the children in the world."

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