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2002January 27, 2002- How can I not love you who are confessing that you are sinners?

Message on January 27, 2002

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain, I meditated deeply in my heart on the pains that Jesus suffered.  After He was beaten numerous times and His whole body became torn and covered with blood, Jesus climbed the hilly road to Calvary, carrying not only the heavy Cross but the sins of the whole human race.  Because He had to totally abandon Himself so that the Will of God the Father might be accomplished and all the glory might be given to the Father, He could not even console His Mother who was weeping and following Him.  I climbed the Way of the Cross one Station after another, meditating on Jesus?Heart filled with sorrows.

While we were at the Eleventh Station, one of the pilgrims prayed, "Jesus!  Until now I have been crucifying Jesus and the Blessed Mother numerous times by living in sins.  However, from now on, I will abandon the hammer with which I have been crucifying Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and will become a pair of pliers to pull out the numerous nails that I have been driving (into Them)." While he was praying, a drop of the Lord's Precious Blood suddenly came down from above making a clearly audible sound when it hit the ground.  I was so surprised that I cried out, "Oh, my!" A man who was standing near me also saw the Blood and shouted, "Oh, it is blood!"  At that moment, I heard the voice of Jesus:

"My beloved children who have been called!  How can I not love you who are confessing that you are sinners and are rushing toward Me?  The reason why I am revealing My Love even by shedding blood for you is to wash away your sins thoroughly and perform a transfusion.  This is a testimony of my intense Love for all of you and is the Blood of the Covenant.  For now everything may seem vague, but, in the not-too-distant future, you will clearly understand how important are the graces which I am bestowing upon you.  Therefore, become more awake and pray, and, with a heroic loyalty, accomplish the mission that has been entrusted to you.

My beloved little soul!  In order to reward your prayers filled with your sincere love and tears, offered day after day, I open My Sacred Heart and send down blessings upon you. "

Jesus gave us His Precious Blood at the Ninth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Stations.


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