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2002February 2, 2002 -Rush toward me, always confessing that you are unworthy sinners.

Message on February 2, 2002

I prayed together with several helpers on the Blessed Mother's mountain, meditating deeply on the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked.

At the Seventh Station, where I was praying and meditating on the pains that Jesus suffered when He fell the second time, one of the men prayed, "Thank you, Lord, for allowing us, who are unworthy and weak, to know even a little about how severe the numerous pains that the Lord suffered were, by letting Julia participate in some of the Lord's immeasurable pains of the Cross"

He barely finished his prayer, when there were some whispering sounds behind us which were almost inaudible: "We are losing souls, which we won after great difficulties, because of the prayers by this wretched woman. Kill her, our deadly enemy, by making her head be crushed on rocks." Immediately, several demons struck me hard on the back of my head. They kicked, lifted, and threw me so that my head might hit rocks. At that moment, the Blessed Mother came down from Heaven like lightning, with her mantle stretched out, and snatched me away, preventing me from hitting rocks.

Holding my aching neck and head with my hands, I said, "Thank you, Mother. I offer up these pains for the conversion of sinners. Help me, a sinner, and many souls repent and become the tailors of love who mend the Lord's torn Sacred Heart, the handkerchiefs of love which wipe away Jesus'blood and sweat and the Blessed Mother's tears of blood, and the pliers of love which pull out the thorns and nails that we drove into the Lord by committing sins. Glory to the Lord and praise and consolation to the Blessed Mother! Let our gratitude never dry up. Amen."

As I was offering up completely the pains caused by the devils, my aching neck and head were completely healed. At the same time, I heard the sweet, kind, and loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"Yes. Thank you, my beloved daughter! And my beloved children who responded to my call with "Amen"! My Son Jesus and I are with you again today in order to unite with your prayers filled with love and offered up to participate in my Son Jesus'sufferings, totally consecrating your precious time for the conversion of sinners and meditating on the Mystery of Salvation that was obtained through my Son Jesus? immeasurable pains on the Cross.

The devils, who know well that, through your fervent prayers, the eyes and ears of the spiritually blind and deaf are opened and the graces flow into numerous souls, are fuming with anger and are trying to knock you down by mobilizing all the available means, but I will always guard you and protect you from them.

In this age when Satan is trying to conquer the whole world, the prayers that you, the little souls, offer up every day in order to participate in the pains of Calvary which the Lord suffered become consolations that make up for the death agony that your Lord suffered at Gethsemane and the sorrows and pains that He suffered when He was deserted by His disciples whom He loved so much.

Also, the prayers that you offer up earnestly every day, participating in the Lord's Passion, become penances for the sins that numerous children commit, perpetrating God's sacred dignity. The prayers and sacrifices offered up for the conversion of sinners become sacrificial offerings in reparation for even other souls?sins. The Lord and I receive much consolation as they are offered on the altar of God's Justice.

For this reason, today I offered up your souls again on the altar of the Lord's burning Sacred Heart, as I offered up the Baby Jesus in the temple.

All my beloved children in the world! When you desire to follow me like innocent children, I will bathe you with streams of the water of mercy, nurture you with my spiritual milk, and take you to the Lord. Also, I will let you grow spiritually through the sincere prayers that you offer earnestly with your whole heart on this Way of the Cross where I walk with my Son Jesus, bleeding with Him. The Lord will also bathe your souls and bodies with His Sacred Blood and give you the plenary indulgence. Rather, He promised to give it to you.

Therefore, rush toward me as humble, little souls, meditating deeply on the sinless Lord's sufferings on the Cross and always confessing that you are unworthy sinners.

My beloved children who have been called! This world has already become pitch-dark. Because numerous souls have become spiritually blind and deaf, have lost their sense of direction, and are wandering in darkness, I have shown so many miracles and signs and screamed again and again until my throat begins bleeding, to follow God's Will that no soul be left abandoned and all be saved and obtain the tree of eternal life. Even so, they do not understand and continue to walk on the road to hell. Even my children who have been called to Heaven do not practice self-renunciation—let alone achieve unity—persist in their self-will until the end, and repeatedly make themselves deserving of purgatory and hell. As God's response will be stern, the calamity of the flames of justice will be unavoidable. How can a safe tomorrow be promised?

Therefore, at least you, who have been called and know that the time of God the Father's judgment is drawing near, should live a consecrated life with prayers, sacrifices, and reparations and strive hard to turn your lives at every moment into prayers so that the time (of chastisement) may turn into blessings.

Also, the new light of graces will be bestowed on all of you who live a consecrated life for the Lord and me and for the conversion of sinners. Offer up graciously even the pains that cause bleeding inside (you) and all the pains that you experience in this world where you stay for a while and leave, as, on the last day, the gate of Heaven will open widely for you; the glorious crown of flowers, which accompany eternal happiness, will be given to you; and you will stand beside me.

In this age which is situated in misery, among the children who are as numerous as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beach, those who draw closer to me as little souls, truly entrusting themselves to me, are extremely few. However, as I join in your devotion today, I am shedding tears of joy, seeing your most sincere love and devotion.
My beloved little souls! Your Lord Who is the way, the truth, and the life blesses you with His unlimited love today."

When the Blessed Mother ended speaking, I was still weeping and praying prostrate on the ground. Suddenly, I heard a sound of something falling. When I looked, it was seven drops of tears. A while later twelve more drops of tears fell. I also realized that the pains in my head and neck were all gone. Glory and praise to the Lord and consolation to the Blessed Mother! Amen.


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