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2006March 31, 2006 -Graciously offer up your pains for the conversion of sinners.

Message on March 31, 2006

At about 7 a.m., I went to the Chapel at the Blessed Mother's call and began praying the rosary. While I was at the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, meditating on the Lord's Crucifixion, the area before the Blessed Mother's statue, which was exuding fragrant oil, suddenly became bright. When I looked up, I could not see the statue any longer but only saw the live Blessed Mother wearing a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her right hand and a scapular in her left hand, looking most beautiful, and smiling most lovingly. She began speaking with a kind voice.

"My dear and precious daughter whom I love so intensely!  Give gratitude, praise and adoration to the Most High One Who willed that you be born in this world and be brought up in preparation for participating in the work of human salvation so that an abode worthy of Jesus Who will return in glory and dwell there may be prepared."

Yes, Mommy, but I am so unworthy. Because of me, so many people are committing horrible sins.

"My beloved daughter!  This Mommy knows well how great and heavy your pains are. Therefore, always remember my earlier words that the pains inflicted on you by those who have chosen to play the role of Cain and assume the role of Judas, the archetype of insulters, and have been brutally and cruelly brandishing swords, are not your portion but mine and graciously offer up your pains for the conversion of sinners.

When you graciously offer up these extreme pains for the conversion of sinners, the numerous souls, who are shaking like a drifting boat and walking toward Hell in the darkness of this world that is turning into a vast expanse of desert, will be saved. Knowing this well, the devil is intensifying his violence and is mobilizing all the possible measures and schemes to bring you down.

My beloved daughter!  Even if the extreme pains that you suffer while cooperating with this Mommy and the Lord Who are working to save the children in the world are difficult to endure and too painful, display the power of love more strongly, as there is the refuge of the burning Sacred Hearts of my Son Jesus and me prepared to comfort you. Thus, become a light in the darkness so that even the pitiful and poor souls, who have been reduced to being agents for the devil who will be defeated and are walking on the way of self-ruin, taking numerous ignorant souls with them, may repent.

When you graciously offer up your entire life by turning it into prayers, even including the smallest pains, always meditating on the sufferings of the Lord, your Redeemer, the numerous souls, who have become arid, will be saved, and not only you but also the little souls who are working to help you will receive the glorious floral crowns from the Lord on the last day.

Therefore, I want you to do your best so that even all those people, who are going against God by infringing upon His infinite dignity and sanctity and keep going in and out through the gate of Hell which is wide open for them, may be saved and rise to Heaven. You may appear to be weak in this world, but make strenuous efforts, never forgetting that my Son Jesus and I are trying to save many souls by always being with you even in the littlest matters and also propping up and protecting my beloved children who are working to help you so that they may never become shaken regardless of any difficulties. The world is going against God, but I am comforted because there is a little soul like you who is faithful and is praying by my side, offering up your entire life without leaving out even the sounds of your breathing, by turning them into prayers.

All my beloved children in the world who have been called!  One must never go against God the Father or blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. I tell you assuredly that the place to be inherited by those who interfere with the work that my Son Jesus and I do, disparage it and are quick at accusing others but cover up their own wrongs, which are the works of the cowards who are like beasts with human faces and do injustice, is the sea of sulfuric fire, Hell.

As the time is now drawing near, you need to remember the history in which the various warnings have been ignored. I am not saying that you can consider the condition of the current age the same as in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Deluge and the Tower of Babel. Even more than then, the sins now have reached the level of saturation and have already made the chastisement by God unavoidable. However, because my Heart's desire cries out and the sounds of prayers offered up by my beloved chosen daughter and the little souls who stay awake to pray are soaring high into the skies, God is not yet releasing the cup of just anger that has been raised high and is delaying the time of chastisement.

What will happen to this age, if people turn their faces away from the messages of love and refuse to accept them which I have been screaming out, repeating the same words again and again and showing numerous signs that have never been shown anywhere else in the world? Keeping in mind that there is now no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, let us turn God's cup of just anger into a cup of blessing by forming unity among all of you as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One, staying awake and praying, and graciously offering up your entire lives by turning them into prayers.

My beloved children!  I desire you to bear in mind that, when you totally follow with your 'Amen' the words of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, the enormous chastisement that is to fall upon the entire human race and the Church can turn into a blessing, and to comply with the intention of this Mommy who has been wounded and yet is squeezing all of herself to give you the fragrant oil.

My beloved children!  My Son Jesus can take the pains away from my daughter whom I love so intensely in one moment and let her stand up, but He has allowed her sufferings because a soul is needed who will offer up such enormous sacrifices for the conversion of the children in the world.

In this critical time of separating good grains and weeds, God is not uprooting the weeds but is waiting lest it should damage the precious good grains. But another reason is that the burning love in my Immaculate Heart continues to wait for the sinners to repent and return and does not let go of the string of hope until the last moment for the purpose of converting and leading to Heaven those who are misusing their free will and are going against God.

As my most beloved daughter knows well about my such intention and is always graciously offering up the pains of double deaths for the greatest glory of God and for the conversion of even the most wicked sinners, saying that suffering these pains are happy joys, I desire you also to unite with her, fulfill the missions entrusted to you, and inherit the tree of eternal life in Heaven on the last day."

When the Blessed Mother ended speaking, the area where she was standing became dim as if by a fog, then she disappeared, and her statue, still exuding fragrant oil, became visible again. The fragrant oil also descended like a drizzle. Together with a woman who was praying beside me, I shouted: "Oh, this fragrance!" and stepped forward to see many drops of fragrant oil looking like dew drops in the area before the Blessed Mother's statue and on the box at the spot on the floor where the Eucharist had come down (on August 27, 1997). Some of the drops of fragrant oil were large.


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