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2006August 5, 2006 -Do your best in cooperating in the work of saving the world.

Message on August 5, 2006 First Saturday

Because my pains were more extreme than usual, I thought that many conversions and healings would occur among the pilgrims today. I totally offered up the pains for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the Holy Father, for the sanctification of all the clergy and religious, and for the conversion of sinners.

Together with other pilgrims, I prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain. When I reached the Ninth or Tenth Station, I felt extremely thirsty to the extent of having a burning feeling in my throat. As my mouth was excessively dry and my tongue was curling up, I was not able to make any sound while praying the rosary. In addition, I was so exhausted in my whole body that I could not even keep holding the candlelight in my hand.

I screamed in my heart: "Oh, Lord! How much more severe Your thirst must have been! My suffering is nothing compared to Yours, but still is hard to bear. I offer up these pains, first of all, for the conversion and spiritual and physical healings of your children who came here today and also for their children at home. Please grant all their prayer intentions, if they are not contrary to Your Will." While I was offering up the extreme thirst and pains that made me struggle to walk even one step, the Lord began speaking kindly.

"Oh, my beloved little soul!

The severe thirst that you are experiencing is the thirst that I suffer together with My Mother because of sinners. As you totally offered up these extreme pains as sacrifices for the conversion of sinners, through the merits of these sacrifices, I, together with My Mother, am shedding Blood and accompanying and blessing the children to cleanse their souls and bodies by washing away their dirty stains, while they are doing the Stations of the Cross, praying, and following Us with all their hearts.

Your gracious offering up by laying down all of yourself for Me and My Mother and for the conversion of sinners will be presented to God the Father. It is also quenching the burning thirst of Me and My Mother."

Hearing these words of the Lord, I could not control my tears and began crying. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking very kindly and lovingly.


"My dear and lovely daughter who graciously offers up such extreme pains for the conversion of sinners, saying that these are the pains of hope! Through the pains that you offer up to rescue the miserable world that is getting closer to its destruction, numerous souls will receive spiritual and physical healing today.

In the age of Sodom and Gomorrah, the sulfurous fire rained down on them because there were not even ten innocent people in them, but, now, thanks to the earnest prayers that you all, who gathered here, offer up with love, the disaster of the flames of justice will be avoided, and the cup of God's just anger will turn into a cup of blessing. However, if the superiors in the Church continue blocking the way for the little souls, who have been called, to prevent them from offering up the sublime prayers, grave disasters in the sky, on the ground, and in the seas will continue occurring, and, in the not too distant future, there will be times of enormous distress.

All my beloved children in the world who have responded with Amen to my call through the little soul! As I will always be with you, at least you who have been called should not think complacently but remain awake, pray, and do your best in cooperating in the work of saving the world. Then, on the last day, you will be given the power and privilege of eating the fruits from the tree of eternal life in Heaven, stand at my side, be escorted by the angels, and sing Alleluia. Therefore, do not have any fear but go forward valiantly."

Suddenly, the water of mercy came down like a misty rain and also in larger drops making sounds of falling on the ground. When we were finishing the rosary prayer, Jesus on the Crucifix on Calvary Hill radiated powerful rays of the light of mercy on all gathered on the Blessed Mother's Mountain.


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