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2000April 23, 2000 -Those who have ears to hear will hear and those who have mouths will spread.

Message on April 23, 2000

On Easter Sunday, I was so anxious to see the Blessed Mother who had wept that I went to the Chapel and began praying at about 6:30 a.m. Because I had not been able to sleep for many days and had been repeatedly attacked by the devils, it was very difficult for me to remain sitting. I prayed, asking for the Blessed Mother's forgiveness for my having caused her to shed more tears with my shortcomings and my occasional wishing to turn away from my crosses.

"Mommy! This is the day of Your Son's Resurrection!" Tears flowed down continuously from my eyes. I confided to the Blessed Mother the pains that had accumulated deep inside my heart and also begged for her forgiveness for my having given her more sorrows.

About half an hour passed, and I heard what sounded like beautiful, majestic military music from above and looked up. The Blessed Mother's statue was not visible; instead, there stood Jesus in a red mantle and looking extremely merciful, and, to His right, the beautiful and smiling Blessed Mother, who was wearing a blue mantle and holding a rosary in her right hand. Both Jesus and the Blessed Mother had shiny royal crowns on Their heads. Angels wearing shiny white garments were dancing joyfully around Jesus and the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother spoke lovingly and kindly, smiling beautifully:

"My beloved daughter! My children who have been called! Do not worry too much, but entrust everything to me with confidence. Why did the Lord, Who is your Savior, love Mary Magdalene so much? She was about to be stoned to death because of her sin, but repented sincerely and followed the Lord like a simple child. That was how she won Heaven. With an utmost love, she poured fragrant oil on the Lord in preparation for His burial. Didn't she do everything that she could?

And Peter, who was the disciple whom the Lord trusted and loved most, boasted that he would never desert the Lord, even if all others did. Before long, however, when the Lord was being treated like a criminal, he denied Him three times, even swearing that he did not know Him. How much pain must the Lord have felt in His Heart! However, as soon as the cock crowed, he wept bitterly, shedding tears of repentance. He repented his sins, renewed his resolution to accomplish the task that the Lord gave him, and, from then on, gave testimony to the Lord courageously, completely offering up his life, imitating me, the Mother. Therefore, he is now enjoying happiness in Heaven.

Dear daughter and all my children whom I have called with love! The shrewd devils, who know that I have chosen you and know what kind of work you need to do, are filling the sky and the earth (meaning that they are many) and are trying to make you despair and lose spirit. You must never despair or give up.

Even the majority of the shepherds and the children who have been called, who say that they are making the Lord known, are becoming blind and deaf and are unable to discern because of the devils' tricks. Because of this, Satan, my enemy, is about to cry out with joy over his near victory. His goal is to shake up the faith and trust of you, who are supposed to make the Lord's Love and mine known, and, thereby, to make you fall into misery and give up. Thus, he aims to make you fall and to prevent you from doing the important work.

Therefore, stand up hurriedly and go forward bravely, making strenuous efforts to accomplish the task that has been entrusted to you. When you only seek what belongs to Heaven, where there is no hunger, thirst, sigh, tears, pains, sorrows, or sufferings and where only the eternal happiness waits for you, remembering that, as I have been chosen as the Lord's Helper, you have also been chosen as my helpers, and offering up graciously even all the preposterous rumors and accusations for the conversion of sinners, I will always be with you, who are weak and feeble, and you will enjoy eternal happiness at the places which I have prepared for you in Heaven."

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, Jesus, Who had been smiling lovingly, gave a blessing and began speaking:

"All the children in the world! Among those who are singing Alleluia with their mouths, how many are truly coming to Me? Those who come to My Mother, listen to her words, and practice them, and all the children who come to Me through My Mother will be saved by Me together with My Mother and will be led to a life of the resurrection, even when they are situated in an extremely dangerous crisis and are unable to do anything (to protect themselves because of the swiftness of the crisis). Therefore, with a high aim and plan to save the world, rescue the sheep which have even lost their sense of direction. Those who have ears to hear will hear and those who have mouths will spread.

Do not prick the nose of a sleeping tiger (i.e. do not bring about a disaster by your own doing) or wear thick make-up to cover up ugliness (i.e. focus on external appearances while neglecting what is inside) and then tremble with fear when the whole earth is shaken and turns into seas of fire and becomes swept over by a frightful terror. By offering up reparations for the most dreadful sins of blasphemy, of perpetrating offenses against the dignity of God, and of ingratitude, perpetuate the Mysteries of the Paschal meal (the Last Supper) and the Resurrection.

Together with My Mother, I will always be a companion for you, who have been called and are working for Me, protect you, and sustain you as people who never give up despite difficulties. You will enjoy eternal happiness at My table on the last day. An-nyoung!"

Jesus made a happy smile and lifted His right hand slightly as He was saying "An-nyoung!" Then, He entered His wooden image on the Crucifix in the Chapel. The Blessed Mother made an extremely loving and beautiful smile, nodding slightly, and went closer to the place where her statue which had wept normally is. Then, instantaneously, she turned into her statue. 

I have always been certain of the living presence of Our Lord and Our Lady, especially because, on the morning of July 1, 1995, the image of Jesus on the Crucifix turned into the live Jesus and shed Blood from His Seven Wounds, which, after turning into seven Sacred Hosts, came down to the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue; and the Blessed Mother shed tears and tears of blood through her statue for a total of 700 days and also shed fragrant oil by squeezing all of herself for 700 consecutive days. 

However, today, for the first time, I saw the live Jesus entering His image on the Crucifix and the live Blessed Mother turning into her statue. I was totally fascinated by this and remained speechless, sitting on the floor. Praise and glory to the Lord! Alleluia!


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