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2000June 13, 2000 -My Mother mediated for the summit meeting between the South and the North.

Message on June 13, 2000

From about 7:30 a.m., I felt a strong longing to see the Blessed Mother in the Chapel. I tried to control it, but could not resist any longer.

When I went to the Chapel, there were a priest, who came as a pilgrim, and several helpers of the Blessed Mother praying together.

I gazed at Jesus on the Crucifix and thought that He looked so peaceful even on the Cross. While I was praying, a powerful light suddenly radiated from the Crucifix and made me fall to the floor. Soon I got up and heard the loving and yet dignified voice of Jesus, even though I could not see Him.

"My beloved little soul! My children who have been called! I bestow the light of love and mercy upon you. Pray and again pray.

Even if your thoughts are imperfect, offer up your whole life to Me through My Mother as littler and littler persons. That is truly to turn life into prayers and offer yourselves up.

Even if it seems that darkness covers everything, follow My Mother entrusting everything to her with faith and confidence and having trust in her. Then, you will receive light from My burning Sacred Heart and gain Heaven. Also, the words of My Mother who said: "Through the prayers, sacrifices, and reparations by little souls, world peace will be accomplished," will surely be realized.

Who do you think mediated for the summit meeting between the South and the North in Korea? It was truly My Mother Mary. My Mother, who wishes that not even one among the children in the world be lost, mediated for this summit meeting between the South and the North and will guide it in order to completely cut the (barbed) wire that divides (the country) so that you, who grieve over the pains of a divided country, may be in harmony through reconciliation and agreement.

Therefore, pray hurriedly. If you display the power of love and offer yourselves up completely through prayers, sacrifices and reparations, you will achieve victory over the devils of division who have been afflicting you and will see a new dawn. It is because that will truly be a shortcut to world peace."

As soon as Jesus finished speaking, I heard a loving, kind, and beautiful voice from the Blessed Mother's statue which had wept.

"My beloved children! Wake up hurriedly from sleep and pray with Me. Your prayers are urgently needed to make the one children of God, who have been scattered by the devil's temptation, share love together. Satan, my enemy, thinks that my chosen daughter was in his way every time he was so close to victory in his works and about to cry out for joy and has attacked her violently and viciously to kill her, employing all the available methods and schemes. 

However, he has not succeeded because of my protection and your prayers. He is now even angrier, because reconciliation and harmony of one nation is about to take place through the summit meeting between the South and the North. He will try hard to lead the whole human race to ruin by means of schemes to promote dissension and hostility and by instigating the world to perpetrate offenses against God.

However, I will defend and protect you, who trust and follow me, from all dangers through my invisible presence in order to accomplish my plan. Nevertheless, because God has allowed free will to humans, there are people who are being controlled by and follow the devils, who try to eliminate love and promote dissension. That is why your prayers of deep love are needed.

My beloved children! My children who have been called because I love you extremely! With your help, I wish to build where Satan has destroyed, heal what Satan has injured, and achieve victory where Satan appears to have triumphed. Therefore, I want at least you, whom I have chosen, to abandon yourselves and offer up prayers of love of humble, little persons.

Because of the active efforts by the cunning devil, the world has lost its sense of moral values and is rushing toward senseless self-indulgence and great moral degradation. People are abandoning moral laws even to the extent that parents kill their children; children kill their parents; and a husband and a wife, who are to form unity, are falling into the devil's temptations which lead them to the love that is exclusive of others (i.e. selfish love) through calculated selfishness and lack of understanding and, thus, cause families to break up.

Also, the cunning devil instigates sexual desires of male and female, old and young, seducing them to seek a moment's pleasure, especially during the woman's ovulation time. Pregnancies result and the little lives thus conceived are brutally murdered through abortion. Then, the devil makes a complacent smile of satisfaction and cries out for joy. Therefore, if the prayers of love, sacrifices, and reparations by you, who have been called as my true children, are combined, dissolved in my Immaculate Heart as total consecration, and offered up as a sacrificial offering of fervent reparation, they will also be freed from the influence of the enormously powerful devil.

Remembering that the time of purification can be advanced or delayed depending on your prayers of deep love, pray with the undefeatable weapon which I gave you (which is a special grace by which one may have a generous heart and may love all with the combined Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. See Our Lord's message on June 30, 1995) so that it (the time of purification) may come sooner than later. Then, the world will be reformed through a chain reaction more powerful than a nuclear reaction."

Translator's Note

On June 12, 2000, one day before the opening of the summit meeting between the South and the North in Korea and also the third anniversary of the miraculous descent of the Eucharist during Bishop Paul Kim's visit, Julia and others placed many scapular rosaries at the foot of the Blessed Mother's statue and were praying. Suddenly, two drops of fragrant oil fell from above. The oil drops descended with some force making audible sounds as they landed on the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue. Then, the two drops of fragrant oil merged into one on the altar, as though it were a sign that the South and the North in Korea would reach unity and harmony through the love from the Blessed Mother. In her message on April 8, 1993, the Blessed Mother said that the fragrant oil and the fragrance were her presence, love and friendship.

On November 26, 1989, the Blessed Mother mentioned that the barbed wire dividing the South and the North would be cut, if her words were accepted and prayers, sacrifices and reparations by little souls were offered. Also on October 31, 1996, when Fr. Stefano Gobbi was in Seoul, Korea, he received a locution from the Blessed Mother in which she predicted that unity and peace would come to the Church in Korea and to the country of Korea as special gifts from her Immaculate Heart. It also seems noteworthy that the summit meeting, which was originally scheduled to begin on June 12, was delayed by one day to begin on the thirteenth of the month, which is a day for commemorating the Blessed Mother's apparitions in Fatima, where she predicted that a certain period of peace would be allowed to the world following the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.


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