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2000November 2, 2000 -Become awake and pray more.

Message on November 2, 2000


While listening to the priest's sermon during the 7:30 p.m. Mass at the Naju Parish Church, I saw a vision. Seeing that numerous people were shooting arrows of fire and throwing chestnut burs and rocks at Jesus nailed on the Cross, throwing all kinds of curses and insulting words at Him, I cried feeling much pain in my heart, thinking, 'How can they so miserably despise and insult Our Lord, Who is our Savior?' I stretched out my arms to stop them, shouting, 'No! No! . . .' but they did not listen but continued throwing rocks and chestnut burs. I was hit also.


With my arms still stretched out and crying, I turned around toward the Lord and prayed earnestly, 'Lord, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing. Let them repent. I offer up these pains that I am suffering now for the conversion of sinners.' At that moment, a small number in the crowd, noticing my praying, put down rocks from their hands, paused, and were looking at Jesus. Then, I heard some whispering sounds from behind the people.


It was the devil, who said, 'Let's kill that spiteful woman without fail today, who interferes with our work, by striking her with this huge block of iron so that she may never come back to life again.' Immediately, a huge object hit me from behind on my head and neck. I had been attending Mass holding the hand of a woman who was sitting next to me. As I was about to scream loudly, Jesus on the Cross radiated light. Instantaneously, the devils ran away and the numerous people who had been insulting and ridiculing (the Lord) so viciously became quiet also. Then, Jesus began speaking with a kind, loving voice.


"My beloved little soul! Thank you.
Because of the increasing offenses against God by the children in the world, God's wrath has reached an extreme level and has been overflowing little by little. It is eventually becoming like spilt water (meaning an irreversible situation). Because of that, Satan is crying out for joy thinking that his work has reached the stage of success. However, (God) is delaying the cup of wrath because there are little souls like you.
That is because your turning your life into prayers, which you have been imploring (others to practice) and which is to totally offer up and turn into prayers everything from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, not neglecting even little and trivial things, becomes dissolved in My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart and becomes one (with Them); it pulls out the nails one after another which the children of the world have driven into Me by offending (Me); and it becomes prayers of consolation that wipe away My Mother Mary's tears and tears of blood.
For this reason, Satan mobilizes all the available means to ceaselessly and ferociously attack to kill you, who are an apostle of My Sacred Heart and My Mother Mary's Immaculate Heart as well as an apostle of the Eucharist, as they consider you as their enemy.
Therefore, become awake and pray more, bearing in mind that there is no time to be complacent, to pause, or to hesitate. When the cup of wrath comes down, many people will go the way of perdition because of all kinds of disasters that befall them suddenly and unexpectedly. However, all the children who seek Me through My Mother with their hearts widely open, even if they are the most evil sinners, will receive the grace of repentance. When they practice the messages of love, which are the key to the shortcut to Heaven, they will receive the cup of blessing instead of the cup of wrath; will live in joy, love and peace; and, on the last day, will possess the tree of eternal life which Adam and Eve lost.
My little soul! It is a pain greater than the pains of the suffering and death on the Cross to be scourged and crucified by the children, clergy, and religious who have been called. How many are the clergy, religious, and children who stand close to Me, Who is Love Itself, follow Me, and make Me known?
Ah, Ah! (I am) lonely and sad.
My Mother has earnestly asked that a tabernacle be installed (in the Chapel), but it has not been done. That is why I came to Naju, Korea, through the Eucharist, which is My personal and divine presence itself, according to My Mother's will to have the Archangel Michael (bring the Eucharist to the Chapel in Naju).
I showed the change in (the species of) the Eucharist several times and also came down personally through the Eucharist several times in order to give the totality of My Love to many children who come seeking My Mother and to share that Love with them. Nevertheless, the Eucharist, which is My substance, has been ignored and rejected with theories and reasoning. Instead of helping (people) experience My Love and Presence and making it known, the Eucharist has been judged to be a host and has become isolated. What else can this be other than a second death (for Me)?
Now I wish to restore My position.
(I ask Fr. Spies.) Help Me. See to it that the Eucharist, which is My substance, may give love to and receive love from all the children who come seeking My Mother, at My Mother's side in Naju. If this is carried out hurriedly, it will become a great consolation to My Mother and Me and many souls will become vitalized.
All the children in the world who have been called! It is not too late yet. Hurriedly come to Me, Who is Love Itself and the merciful Redeemer, without any fear and holding the hands of My Mother, who is the shortcut for coming to Me.
Even most of the children who say that they make Me known and love Me are spiritually blind and deaf. They have become spiritually disabled, lost their sense of direction, become confused, lost their balance, fallen into chaos, and are wandering and walking on the road to hell. I feel extremely sad and painful in My Heart, as if it is becoming torn apart into pieces.
My little souls who have been chosen through My Mother! At least you, remembering that only My Mother can turn God's wrath away from you, respond with 'Amen' to My Mother's messages of love which she has earnestly given you, personally revealing her presence, love, and friendship with her tears, tears of blood, and fragrant oil; and, with total faith and trust, help all the herds of sheep, which have lost their way and are wandering, come aboard the Mary's Ark of Salvation which My Mother has prepared and help them arrive at the heavenly harbor.
While making Me and My Mother known, you will also be persecuted in this world, but, in the next world, you will receive the power and privilege to pick and eat the fruits of the tree of eternal life, be given a share, receive a shiny royal crown, and sing Alleluia at the side of Me and My Mother, together with the Saints, surrounded and guarded by the Angels, and enwrapped in glory."


Later that evening, those who were present examined me, while I was in severe suffering and unable to move myself. They saw much swelling on the back of my head and neck and also clear marks of bleeding. They saw some holes and bruises caused by something sharp like a drill.


While I was writing down the message, the devil attacked me suddenly. But I was able to finish writing down the message thanks to the Blessed Mother's help. While I was writing down the message this time, the Lord guided me in a very special way.


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