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2001August 4, 2001- Completely offer yourselves up.

Message on August 4, 2001

At about 5:40 a.m., when I was praying in meditation, I heard the kind and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved daughter!  My poor and pitiable daughter who falls and collapses while carrying the heavy and hard Cross but, without looking the other way, staggers forward, suffering the death agony, in order to follow this Mamma in Heaven!  Not forgetting that I become comforted by seeing your blood-and-tears endeavor and am with you and with greater strength and courage, completely offer yourselves up so that even the sinners, who have become arid, may repent.  My Heart is hurting so much, because even my little souls who have been invited to Heaven are frequenting Purgatory and hell.

My beloved children who have been called!  If even you, who are supposed to guide with God's love and words the sheep which have lost their ways and are wandering, do not form unity with love, how overjoyed the devils will be!  That you may accomplish the very important mission that has been entrusted to you before God, realize (the importance of your mission), be more awake, and pray and achieve unity in the love of the Lord and me.  Then, the devil who has been attacking you in order to conquer the world will run away, and the triumph of my Immaculate Heart will be achieved before long."

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