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2001September 8, 2001- Come closer to Me and become one with My Heart.

Message on September 8, 2001

I was stumbling, falling down, and crawling and not fully conscious while doing the Stations of the Cross (on the Blessed Mother's mountain near Naju).  At the 11th Station, the water of mercy was streaming down.  At the 12th Station, I heard the Lord's voice.

"My beloved children!  I am comforted by your sacrifices and reparations filled with love.  In this age when empty heads of grain are swarming, I allowed your meeting (Translator's note:  Julia says that, in the vision at the 12th Station, she saw those who have responded to the Blessed Mother's call to help her).  (Therefore) encourage each other with a sincere heart and demolish human walls that keep your hearts closed with unfailing ties and fully-open and generous love in unlimited and total unity.  Now open your hearts widely so that you may learn from each other what is good and welcome advices that can help correct your shortcomings, and come closer to Me and become one with My Heart.

Thus, when you follow Me in greater solidarity and unity in the Holy Trinity, I, Who allowed your meeting, will perform miracles of love, and you will enjoy Heaven together with Me and My Mother in the joy of being in harmony with the Saints at every moment, even where it appears that (everything) has failed and is hopeless."

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