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2001September 28, 2001 -Become simpler by becoming innocent children.

Message on September 28, 2001

"My sons and daughters who have been chosen!  Keep it in your mind that you have been chosen to work for the Lord and me with my daughter whom I have loved and have chosen; and follow me united as one in the Holy Trinity.  

My beloved children! Become simpler by throwing away human thoughts (calculations) and becoming innocent children. I want you to become littler and be embraced tightly in my bosom. It will be difficult to follow me with human calculations, just as you cannot preserve the Heritage of the Faith with theories and reasoning alone.  

Therefore, become humbler and littler souls and help my daughter, who has been chosen; my daughter who is participating in the Lord's Passion by suffering death agonies before delivery and is facing moments of a second death as bloody efforts and sacrifices are necessary.  As she has responded with “Amen?to a great mission that this pure Mother has prepared with an utmost care, you too have been called to be her helpers and responded with “Amen.?  Shouldn’t you now attend to my daughter's wounds and heal them?

As I allowed your meeting, do not forget that you should become interpreters for each other who console each other and protect each other's lives.  And enjoy the exultation, love and peace in the midst of overflowing graces, carrying out your precious mission in your unique role that is irreplaceable.  

As God called Moses to Mt. Sinai to liberate the Israeli people who had been in bondage on the Egyptian lands, you have been called so that my victory may be achieved.  Therefore, tear down human walls with your whole life and with a stronger and warmer heart, and love one another generously.

As I told you before, remember that even though I can make you perfect, I allow you to make mistakes so that you may be humble, and do not waste time with the devils but turn your lives into prayers, have a total faith and trust, achieve unity in the Holy Trinity relying on the divine source, and follow me.  The purpose for doing this is to lead many souls to Heaven in the joy of achieving harmony with the Saints at every moment.

This current age is bringing upon itself the chastisement of fire and blood, but you, who work for the Lord and me, should not worry or fear, but make a fresh start following me. Then, God, Who loves you, will save you, who follow me and work for me, from the dangers which will befall (this world) in this end time with the amazing love with which He saved Daniel by closing the lions?mouths, and let you inherit Heaven. When you do not hesitate or waver but become awake, make strenuous efforts to fully carry out the mission that has been given to you, display the power of love more strongly, and offer up a heroic loyalty, I will always accompany you and sustain you like a person who never falters despite tremendous difficulties. You will share love at the heavenly table with me and enjoy happiness on the last day."

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