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1989January 8, 1989 -Superficial prayers, visitations, and service must be revitalized.

Message on January 8, 1989

I was still in bed, without having slept at all during the night because of pains, when my mother told me by intercom that the Blessed Mother's statue was shedding tears of blood. First, I telephoned the Pastor, but could not reach Father Spies. When I went to the Chapel, there were several people praying. They told me what had happened.

When they arrived at the Chapel at about 7:30 a.m., there were no tears on the statue. But, when they looked again after some prayers, she was shedding tears of blood. It was about 7:40 a.m. The tears of blood continued flowing until 8:30 a.m. When I got to the Chapel, it was 8:50 a.m. I saw that the blood was already dry, but there were threads of clear tears still flowing.

We started praying the rosary together, but, after one decade, I lost energy and fell down, even though I tried to hold on to the altar. I entered an ecstasy. I was so surprised at the scene I saw. There was a big riot among so many people screaming and trying to kill each other. Then, the beautiful Lady of the Stars, the Blessed Mother, appeared with a bright light.

She was wearing a laurel crown with twelve sparkling stars. Her dress was the same as before, but her face was filled with sorrows. She was shedding tears, as she spoke to me while I was praying the rosary.

Daughter, look. Those numerous children are mired in sins and are provoking the just anger of God the Father. More prayers are needed. Greater sacrifices and atonement are necessary. There are too few consecrated children. Superficial prayers, visitations out of habit, service without heart, lukewarm Legio Marie activities, and so on . . . all these must be revitalized.

You must meet your neighbors as you would meet Jesus?with true love and a praying heart. Tell everyone. I give my love to all my children. But my Heart is hurting so much, because too many of them reject and insult my love. My ears are hurting very much because of the evil words that are so hard to listen to.

At this time, my ears also began hurting intensely because of so many people's criticisms, accusations, judgments, insults, flattery, sacrileges, pride, resentment, anger, slanders, and extremely loud screams.

I should be respected as the Queen of Heaven, but I am suffering constantly because of the children on earth.

Daughter! Do not feel sad. All your sufferings make you participate in the Passion of Jesus and, together with mine, are being offered for the conversion of sinners.

I do not want to remove this fierce battle that afflicts you, because this battle involves prayers, sacrifices and penance and your fierce battle will turn them into graces and blessings for many souls. It is an intense fighting planned by God to sanctify souls.

Do you know about the Deluge in the time of Noah and the Tower of Babel? Who can say that the sins now are less than in those times?

You must not ignore the wrath of God. But the Lord does not wish that you avoid sins for fear of punishments. What He wants is love. I pray and suffer pains constantly for the children who have fallen into evil habits and corruption so that fire may not fall upon the earth from Heaven.

But, if they do not accept my messages and continue accommodating to the world instead of the heavenly matters, it will be too late to regret.

I implore you, because punishment can come from human beings themselves (meaning a Third World War). Hell is a place of terrifying and irreversible punishments, a pit of death and ruin, and a place of inextinguishable fire and maggots that will not die.

Let's pray that these souls may not be condemned and all may be saved. An-nyoung!

The Blessed Mother was tilting her head a little to the left as she was saying "An-nyoung!". She was also waving her right hand gently. I have never seen a more beautiful appearance. I felt as if I was being soaked into her.


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