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1989January 15, 1989 -Get up and let's pray for priests.

Message on January 15, 1989

It was the Blessed Mother who woke me from a deep sleep.

Wake up and let's pray. Julia, get up and let's pray for priests.

I woke up and saw the Blessed Mother above my dresser where she had shed tears of blood before. She continued with a beautiful voice.

Oh, my beloved daughter! My little soul who follows me happily even while suffering. Often you groan and get depressed under the pressure of pains, fall down with the heavy cross, and struggle to get up but cannot. Instead of getting help, a heavy rock is placed upon the cross. How painful you must be feeling! I am comforted in your mind, which anguishes even over small mistakes.

Daughter! Everyone has shortcomings and imperfections. But when one tries to overcome them and, if she fails again, promptly repents, asks for the Lord's forgiveness and, renews the sincere resolution to amend the life, my Son Jesus and I will rejoice and help.

Daughter! Who cares about me as you do? The loyal and little souls do. Pray with them.

The children who are called to the state of God's grace will experience many sufferings and temptations. But those who live according to my messages will be rewarded with a victory crown of flowers in the next world.

Offer sacrifices and reparations without ceasing for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. They, too, must accept my messages, but many don't. In order to prevent the chastisement, my beloved priests must accept the messages quickly. I wouldn't spare anything for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all the priests...

My priests whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes . . . I am praying and offering sufferings in their place today as always.

As you approach God more fervently in order to bear fruit, devils will intensify their attacks on you and become more active to prevent you from bearing fruit. My Son Jesus comes to you through priests to give you His Blood. So, pray much that priests, who should be holy, may not fall into temptations; that they may become holier priests and worthily carry out their duty of giving His Blood to people so that they (priests) may not have anything to be ashamed of as the givers of the Blood of Jesus in His place; and that the Church, families and the society may become united as one, as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One.

My beloved priests will work heroically for God and people, if they respond to this sacred mission by receiving the grace of suffering through our little sacrifices and reparations. The whole world is rushing toward its ruin and devils are employing all the available means to destroy it. But there will be a certain victory, if unity is achieved.

I wish to rescue the world by the victory of my mercy and love. Therefore, if you pray with me, with confidence in me, and holding my hands, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. It will surely triumph. Daughter! I will see you again. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

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