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1990October 4, 1990 - It is not too late yet. Come to me in a hurry.

Message on October 4, 1990

The Blessed Mother's statue continued to weep. My husband, Julio, and I prayed the rosary from about 10:40 p.m. followed by meditation. As the meditation continued, it turned into crying and lamentation. I felt heartbroken at the thought of the Blessed Mother's anguish over the poor souls who are following the false prophets because of their blindness and deafness. In addition, my many current difficulties and physical pains also were making me feel anxious and weakening my soul.

When I looked at the Blessed Mother's statue saying, "Mother, what should I do?" the statue began radiating a beautiful light and turned into the live Mother Mary. She began speaking with a very anxious voice.

Daughter! Do not worry too much. Your body and soul are now weaker than ever. It is a difficult task to save the world from destruction and misery. I understand well that it is very hard to spread the messages in a way they can be understood easily by all. But follow me even in the midst of your extreme pains. You are participating in my sufferings, because my Son Jesus earned life for the human race through His Blood of extreme pains and, through this Blood, those who are living in the misery of sins will be led to life. God gave you a garment of eternal life that has been made clean by the Blood of the Lamb. Even so, do you feel so weak? I chose you for an important mission and you must become stronger.

Daughter! When I was on earth, many people called me the mother of a mad man. I should be respected as the Queen of Heaven, but have to implore with many sacrifices, pains, and tears because of the division and disorder among the children on earth. Help me.

Major calamities are about to fall upon the world, but there are too many people who are self-centered. Those who love God and make me known will receive eternal life and will stand by the side of this Mother of Love. The world will change, but the Laws of God will not. Pray and pray again. Prayers of a deep love are needed now more than ever for the Holy Catholic Church. This current age is extremely important for the whole human race.

The Blessed Mother was silent for a while and resumed speaking while shedding large drops of tears.

Oh, all the children of the world! It is not too late yet. Come to me in a hurry. Come to me without delay and suck the spiritual milk from my breast that is flowing out like a spring. I will make a flower garden where you can grow beautiful souls. I have left my Heart wide open to accept your pleas and requests.

When you return to me renouncing yourselves, you will find the happiness that you have been longing for, but have not been able to find, in the bosom of this Mother of Peace, who can embrace all of you. Come to me, all of you, and let me not shed tears and tears of blood in vain. Be a comfort to my wounded Heart. By doing so, sinners will recognize my voice of love and seek the justice of God by repenting their sins in my bosom. However corrupt the souls may be, they will be forgiven with powerful flames of love when they repent. But those who sin against the Holy Spirit will not be able to avoid the fires of justice at the time of judgment.

After she completed these words, her appearance returned to that of the statue, but more tears were flowing.

Oh, Mother Mary! I am sorry and thank you. May Mother, who is love itself, bring the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and your Immaculate Heart to this world with your immense love. Amen.

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