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1997March 30, 1997- Your tears and sighs will turn into joy.

Message on March 30, 1997

I was praying and crying in front of the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel thinking about the sufferings that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are receiving because of my shortcomings. Some time passed. Light was pouring down from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue. As before, it was a very powerful light radiating from the Seven Wounds of Jesus. At the moment the light was reaching me, I felt sharp pains of the light penetrating seven places on my body. While I was participating in the sufferings of Jesus, I heard the loving voice of Jesus.

"My little soul! Have I not told you that I love you even when you make mistakes by misusing your free will? Two thousand years ago, I drank the Cup of Passion by being crucified, when the children in the world were violating, abusing and desecrating Me like violent winds and raging waves. However, I was not finished by death but resurrected from the dead and, thus, promised a new life to all of you. Therefore, do not have fear but come closer to Me.

During the hours when I was passing from Death to Resurrection, you did not sleep but prayed earnestly, weeping, and sought Me as a sinner. Remember that I came to this world not to call the righteous but to call sinners and that I love you much who are always seeking Me as a sinner, as I loved Mary Magdalene who confessed that she was a sinner. Whenever you open your heart, remain awake and pray, your tears and sighs will turn into joy."

As Jesus ended speaking, light disappeared, too. My eyes had been swollen because of crying during prayer. But they became normal and the pains and redness in my eyes were gone, too. I could see everything clearly.


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