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1997May 25, 1997- I cannot pray with you, when you pray for selfish intentions.

Message on May 25, 1997

Julia Kim of Naju, Korea visited Hong Kong and Macao from May 23 to May 29, 1997, giving testimonies to the signs and messages from Our Lady. On May 25, Sunday, Julia and her companions attended Mass in the Chapel at the Pastoral Care Center for the Disabled in Kowloon. During the Gospel reading, Julia saw the Blessed Mother appearing behind the altar, between the Crucifix and her statue and received a message from her.

Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia (center), Fr. Francis Elsinger from Hong Kong (left), and Fr. Lam from Guam concelebrating Mass in the Chapel for the Disabled in Hong Kong

After Mass, Julia returned to her hotel room and began writing down the message. Soon, the devil came with a large army of his subjects and began attacking Julia. He said, "How daring you are to come even to this place! I have put in so much effort here, and the prey is almost ready (for me to swallow). And now you come here and try to spoil it for me!" He was so filled with anger. The devil and his subjects physically attacked Julia. The fight was so fierce that Julia fell down on the floor and became unconscious. 

Fr. Francis Elsinger of Hong Kong and Julia's interpreter were notified by phone and rushed to Julia's room. Fr. Elsinger began praying over Julia. About 15 minutes later, Julia opened her eyes and sat up. She said that it was the devil's attack and also that the devil was repelled when Our Lord and Our Lady appeared. She said that a powerful light then radiated from the two hands of Our Lord and penetrated Julia's two hands. Fr. Elsinger and the interpreter saw clear Stigmata on both of Julia's hands. Julia was asked if there was much pain in her hands and answered, "Yes." The Stigmata on Julia's hands lasted several days.

The following is Julia's testimony: During a Mass at the Hong Kong Pastoral Care Center for the Disabled, the Blessed Mother appeared as the Mother of Mercy, wearing a blue mantle, holding a scapular in her left hand and an ivory-colored rosary in her right hand, and with a bright light surrounding her head. Soon her blue mantle turned into a white mantle. She stretched out her hands toward us, who were attending the Mass, and then put her two hands together for prayer. This happened during the Gospel reading from Matthew 28:16-20 about Our Lord, just before the Ascension, giving the mission to His disciples to spread His teachings to the ends of the world. The Blessed Mother was smiling beautifully and lovingly and began speaking.

"Dear children! Remember that I am always with you wherever you may be in the world. Especially console the disabled by letting them know that I love them very much. The devil is so active, employing all the available means to topple you. However, remember that I am guarding and protecting you who are following me and entrust yourselves totally to me with faith and trust.

I also want you to practice my messages of love. If you accept my words well and live them in union with each other, my messages of love will spread to China also, they (=the people in China) will accept the Lord, and their souls will change. Therefore, for the conversion of sinners and for peace in the world, pray and make reparations and do penance without ceasing.

Whenever you pray, I, your Heavenly Mother, pray with you. However, I cannot pray with you, when you pray for selfish intentions.

My beloved children! Always remember that the door of my Ark of Salvation, an Ark larger than the universe, remains open and that I wish all the children in the world to come aboard the Ark and help me so that not only you but also (other) sinners may repent and gain Heaven. If you all live following my messages of love, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the Lord will be comforted. To all of you, I give a blessing in the Lord's Love. An-nyoung (=Good-bye)."

While the Blessed Mother was speaking, a powerful light was radiating from above and shining upon everyone in the Mass.


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