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1997June 30, 1997 (1)- I will embrace you all in my burning Immaculate Heart and nurture you afresh.

Message on June 30, 1997 (1) (about 2:40 p.m.)

More than 30 priests from different countries came to Naju and concelebrated Mass in commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping in Naju. While I was in meditation after Communion, I saw a vision of the world turning into darkness without any light. From the darkness, I heard the sounds of many people screaming, even though I could not see them. I cried out aloud, "Lord! Have mercy." I felt a heart-breaking pain thinking about these children of God who were unable to find their way, wandering and screaming in the darkness.

I cried out again, "Let us repent. Repentance is the shortcut to salvation. God will save us without asking questions about our past, if we pray, asking God to forgive our mistakes and accepting everything as our own fault instead of others?" Then, many people's sighs and wailing turned into a weeping of repentance and prayer.

At that moment, bright light began radiating from a point in the sky and the beautiful Mother of Mercy, wearing a blue mantle and carrying the Baby Jesus, appeared, surrounded by the angels. As she was coming toward us, the light continued spreading making the whole world bright. Numerous people who had been crying saw the light and stood up and cheered the Blessed Mother. However, there also were many who were not paying any attention and not responding. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking in a loving and gentle way.

"Daughter! Did you see that? The majority of the shepherds in the Church are not accepting me even now. Because of this, the world is covered with a terrible darkness and is about to sink into a deep chasm of darkness. The darkness in the world has become so dense that the world now stands at the crossroads. (This crisis) manifests itself in the Church as a deepening division and apostasy, which is found even among priests. Numerous clergy and children are not only refusing to accept my invitation but are showing an outright defiance to it, cruelly nailing my Son Jesus to the Cross again.

However, you came from many places around the world to commemorate my tears and tears of blood, responding to my invitation with "Amen." Therefore, I will embrace you all in my burning Immaculate Heart and nurture you afresh.

My beloved priests! My lovable sons whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain! Upon the priests who accepted the invitation to my banquet, I will bestow special graces. They may appear weak now, but, as I know that they will believe in, accept, and practice my words well, I will help them take many herds of sheep to Heaven and enter it. As God recognized Abraham as a just man for his firm faith, I will recognize you who are following me and making me known and will put laurel crowns on you and let you stand by my side at the time of the Last Judgment.

However, children, do not be unwatchful and complacent. The devil knows well about the graces you have received and will try to cut you off from my love by wickedly and cruelly making you follow your own self-will and thereby become scattered and proud. Therefore, always remain awake and pray with me. This Mother's Heart is hurting so much because of the priests and numerous children who are like the Pharisees, who were filled with curiosity, chasing after miracles instead of comforting me, who am imploring you with tears and tears of blood even at this time."

When the Blessed Mother said this, tears flowed down from her eyes. She resumed speaking anxiously but lovingly.

"Not only the children who do not know me but even the clergy are not recognizing my anxious pleas that I am making, shedding tears and tears of blood, and are preparing useless schemes and getting caught in their own traps. . . They are not only refusing to listen to my words but are also refusing to find out about facts, filled with curiosity and rejecting me with no fear of God and with a distorted mind. I am overcome with sorrows."

The Blessed Mother continued weeping.

"My beloved children! I will let the light, love and grace from my Immaculate Heart overflow in all of you who came despite the long distance, seeking me, who has been imploring (you) with tears. In this dangerous, extremely dangerous age, you will surely see new buds sprouting even on the burnt ground, when you realize that this Mother is needed for all of you and follow me. Upon all of you who have been invited to my great banquet, I bestow my love combined with God's blessing. Now, receive the Lord's blessing."

At that moment, I made the Sign of the Cross and came out of the ecstasy hearing the priest giving the blessing at the end of the Mass. I saw Jesus giving the blessing together with the priest, standing behind him.


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