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1997July 13, 1997- The signs that I am giving you in this small country, Korea!

Message on July 13, 1997

A monsignor from Rome visited the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel) in Naju. While he was praying before the Blessed Mother's statue and looking at photographs and conversing with others about the Blessed Mother, a Eucharist descended from above and a bright light radiated from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue, which had wept, upon all those who were present.

"Worship and totally accept the omnipotent Lord Who was in the past, is now and will come to you in the future; and be totally loyal to the Pope in a heroic way, displaying the power of love.

My beloved Pope, who is the first son of the Church and the successor of Peter, is exhausted and undergoing a death agony now not only internally but also physically. Therefore, I want you to pray for him as his real children. Always remember that the center of your prayer should be my Son Jesus, Who is truly present in the Eucharist, and become more absorbed (in Him).

Sons who have been called by me! My beloved sons and daughters! Listen well. The signs that I am giving you in this small country, Korea, which is my youngest child, are the signs for the Church in the whole world. Help me in saving this world which is covered with darkness. (Do you want to ask) how you can help?

(What I want is) that my messages of love, which I have been screaming to you until my throat begins bleeding and which I have been pleading with you (to accept) shedding tears and tears of blood and squeezing fragrant oil out of all of my body, be accepted by the Church as soon as possible; that numerous herds of sheep that have been scattered return; and that Masses be celebrated in the Basilica of the Mary's Ark of Salvation. 

There, priests, who are my beloved sons, will become sanctified in the combined love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my burning Immaculate Heart and will take many herds of sheep on the shortcut to Heaven.

My lovely sons and daughters! Numerous children who are covered with darkness say that they believe in God but are joining forces with the devil. Thereby, they even lose their sense of direction and are defenselessly rocking like a drifting boat. Therefore, hurriedly respond to this Mother's pleas in unity to prevent a disaster.

Even some priests listen to false rumors and ignore and mistreat this Mother. They are elated and triumphant as if they were veterans of many battles, provoking the terrible wrath of God. With their tongues, they speak falsehood; from their lips flows poison; and their throats are like open graves. Unless they repent, they will face the consequences like Saul's end. If they continue refusing to repent and to accept my words, what more can I do, when even God cannot do anything more, as He allowed humans free will? You know what Saul's end was like? 

God took away His Love from Saul, but will not take away His Love from you, who are making me known. Instead, He will bestow immense blessings on you. As I will be your real Mother, I want you to work in unity as the real children of this Mother."

When the Blessed Mother ended speaking, the light disappeared also.


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