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1998April 12, 1998- Know that now is the time to separate empty heads of grain from good ones.

Message on April 12, 1998

I attended Mass at the Naju Parish Church, but could not even remain sitting because of intense pains. So, I came home after receiving Communion and went to the Blessed Mother in the Chapel, whom I had not visited for a long time. Because of the pains, I was lying on the floor in the Chapel and said, "Mother, you understand, don't you?" Suddenly, a powerful light radiated from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue, and I saw a vision. Many people were violently fighting against each other. There even were some priests and religious. While fighting against each other, they even tried to throw away the Blessed Mother's statue which had been weeping.

Seeing this, the devils, who had been instigating the fight, became overjoyed and were dancing. Jesus?and the Blessed Mother's beautiful clothes became stained with blood. At that moment, Jesus began speaking earnestly and sorrowfully with a very sad voice.

"My beloved little soul! This world is now so filled with sins that I cannot even look at it with open eyes. People, who had been welcoming Me, crying out "Hosanna!" just a few days before My execution on the Cross, were saying, "He is a criminal who deserves to die. Crucify him!" But I resurrected in three days to manifest God's glory. Even at this moment, many clergy, religious and other children are celebrating My Resurrection, but how many of them are truly remembering and consoling Me?

Together with My Mother Mary, who gave birth to Me and raised Me, I have been giving many messages of love and signs in Naju, Korea, but even many of my children who experienced the miracles of love are dispersing in all directions because of the devil's temptations. How sad and deplorable!

All My beloved children in the world! It is not too late yet; hurriedly come to Me, following My Mother who is imploring sorrowfully, shedding tears and tears of blood. You should not face the approaching destruction unprepared. Remembering that God the Father's wrath has reached an extreme and a chastisement is inevitable but that He is still delaying the time because of the prayers of the little souls, wake up from sleep and pray. Hurriedly and humbly respond to My Mother's pleas by making your best, strenuous efforts so that the miracles of love may be fully realized.

Of what use will it be to regret after the destruction comes? The proud people dislike the humble ones. When a rich person falters, his friends support him. But when a powerless person is in difficulty, people turn their faces away from him. You now feel much sadness in your hearts, but remember that I and My Mother are always at your side, and work in unity with each other, with high spirits, courage and hope. There isn't much time. Hurriedly and more graciously offer up your current sufferings and achieve victory over the devil.

Two thousand years ago, I could have come down from the Cross. However, without dying, there could be no Resurrection. Even at this moment, I can perfect everything. However, because I allowed free will to humans, sacrifices by little souls, including even death agony, are necessary. Remembering anew the truth that one must die to arrive at resurrection, at least you, who have responded to My call, should follow Me in unity and with a simple and upright mind, imitating the faith of the martyrs.

Know that now is the time to separate empty heads of grain from good ones. Therefore, the prayers and sacrifices by My children who will gain the Kingdom of Heaven are so urgently needed. The so-called leaders are moving away from the truth and yet look so strong and overpowering. But the Kingdom of Heaven does not belong to them but to you who are working for Me. I have given up everything for your sake. 

As you recognize My voice and rush to Me and My Mother, you experience much difficulty and pain. But you who work for My Mother and Me will surely share love at My dining table in My Kingdom where there is no sorrow, pain, or suffering. The tears that you shed now will be completely wiped away before the throne in Heaven, where there is no thirst or hunger. You will be given a hundred-fold reward. Happiness will be yours. Won't it? However, there will be nothing I and My Mother can do at the time of the Last Judgment for those who turn their faces away from Me and My Mother and reject Us to the end.

My little souls! The prayers of my little children who are not shaken under any circumstances will wipe away the stains of blood on My clothes and My Mother's. They are the comforts and fragrant oil that wipe away the bloody sweat and bloody tears.

The world which is in such a shocking condition, the world which will be reduced to ashes, this age which will be destroyed by the devil's attacks However, when there are more little souls, My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart will surely triumph. Do not fear, but hurriedly perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of Resurrection. I will help you. An-nyoung."

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