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1998August 2, 1998 -Do not despair, become frustrated or give up.

Message on August 2, 1998

I was attending the 6 a.m. Mass at Naju Parish Church.  While I was praying in preparation for the Holy Communion, I began hearing some whispering noises around me.  Then, suddenly, I heard a voice: "There isn't much time left.  Let's kill this wretched woman.  Immediately, I began feeling prickling pains all over my body. Then, suddenly, a large object appeared to my left and crawled on my legs and arms, as if it were wrapping around them. 

At the moment it was trying to bite me on my neck and head, I struck it forcefully with my right arm, praying: "Lord, have mercy and save the sinners." (A woman sitting next to me was hit hard by me on her right arm, but said that she did not feel any pain.)  

At that moment, a powerful light radiated from the direction of the altar and the object which had been holding on to me tightly to avoid falling off lost power and fell off as if it were curling backward. At the same time, small worm-like objects that had been crawling all over my body also disappeared. At that moment, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her.

"Daughter! My beloved daughter!
It is now deep into night.  Doesn't the deepness of night mean that the dawn is drawing near? Therefore, do not despair, become frustrated or give up. Because the day when the new heaven and the new earth will be accomplished is not far, Satan, my enemy, who is trying to cover this world with darkness, is making his last desperate effort.  

Thus, in the eyes of the world, you may look like a person who was killed twice and is in darkness. However, even if the world goes the wrong way making the customs corrupt and the public opinion is in consensus, I, your Heavenly Mother, will guard and protect you, who are following me and have trust in me, with my power that crushes the serpent and will lead you to the Heavenly Paradise.

The Lord, the Lamb, Who was killed for the salvation of the whole human race, is sitting in the shining royal throne in the Heavenly Kingdom and receives power, honor, glory and adoration for all eternity.  Martyrs are enjoying happiness at His side.

Therefore, my children who have been called!  Hurried wake up and pray.  If even you, whom I have chosen with love, despair and become frustrated,  how overjoyed Satan will be, who is trying to drive this world into darkness!

Even if you receive many kinds of groundless accusations and preposterous criticisms as you work for the Lord and me, offer them up graciously to console the wounded Heart of God Who was in the past, is now, and will come in the future and also to prevent the calamities that are to come because of the sins in the world.

Those who follow me, your Heavenly Mother, and humbly approach the Lord as little souls will enjoy happiness in the Kingdom of the Lord Who is the Alpha and the Omega. However, remembering that those who reject me to the end, do not make the Lord known in sincere ways, get involved in vain talks, and thus become tricked by the deformed Satan and follow him may fall into fire and burning sulfur, hurriedly offer up prayers in unity among you at least, whom I have chosen, that the numerous souls who have lost their sense of direction and are joining forces with Satan may wake up from sleep."

While I was writing down this message, the devil lifted me up, toppled me, struck me, tramped upon me, and poked me at many places on my body.  Because of much bleeding, it was difficult for me to walk or even remain sitting.


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