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1989January 29, 1989 -Is there anyone who can lower Me from the Cross?

Message on January 29, 1989

Exhausted from the pains in the morning, I could not get up by myself and was carried to another room in a convent. There I received pains of the crown of thorns, crucifixion, piercing with the spear, the burning Sacred Heart, seven arrows penetrating the heart, and the martyrdom of Father Andrew Kim.

Jesus was crucified on the Cross and the extremely beautiful Blessed Mother was standing beside Him, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, holding a rosary in her hand and weeping sorrowfully. In the surroundings, there was a large crowd making noises of fighting and screaming. Jesus was shedding blood and sweat, as He continued to be hit by the arrows thrown by sinners.

JESUS: Is there anyone who can lower Me from the Cross?

He cried out to the crowd, but only a few came near Him. They were not able to lower Him. Whenever people sinned, the crown of thorns pressed deeper on His head causing more pains. The Blessed Mother became broken-hearted watching all this. She was saying, "No! No!" It was an unbearably sorrowful scene.

Pains lasted for about an hour and there was the gentle and warm voice of the Blessed Mother.

My daughter who has to suffer pains. My Son Jesus and I are comforted, because the souls hardened like a rock are melting by your sufferings and reparations.

The devils' violence is becoming more severe everyday. They are mobilizing all kinds of methods to topple even the fervent souls. Today you saw clearly in what manner Satan makes contact with humans. You must know that my dear Saints also were subjected to severe temptations.

Julia! Today you won a victory in my Immaculate Heart. Satan wants to overthrow my Church and destroy life in the souls. But, when you fight against him holding a shield of love, his true character will be revealed.

Yes, Mother. Please continue to help us.

Look. This world is decaying with errors. My Son Jesus is being crucified unceasingly because of the proud and cowardly pessimists and the self-righteous egoists who are habitually involved in corrupt activities and hypocritical lies. I implore you again, because the punishment can come through a Third World War.

Daughter! Can you receive more pains?

Julia: Yes, Mother! I will take any pains.

I asked for more pains with two arms raised.


She pointed at a large crowd. There were loud noises of wars and skirmishes.

Because love has been destroyed, there is no unity among people. As a result, the outcries of the human beings in the midst of their sins are turning into noises of wars, which, in turn, are reaching Heaven and provoking God's anger.

Through the pains of the crown of thorns and the crucifixion which you have suffered and also the pains of Father Andrew Kim's martyrdom that you are about to suffer now, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious will form a unity and climb Mt. Calvary carrying the cross of love together with my Son Jesus.

You must pray together constantly for world peace and the conversion of sinners.

Then, I received the pains of Father Kim's martyrdom. Father Kim lifted his head and exposed his neck courageously. He did the same for the second time despite the extreme pains and bleeding for the glory of God. (The executioners did not use full force with the sword to make the pains greater and longer.) He did the same for the third time. He hardly was able to move his neck for the fourth time. His head fell at the eighth time. After these pains, Jesus shined light on all and I was relieved of the pains.

Julia: Receive the light of Jesus!

I opened my eyes while crying out. There were Father Spies, Father Chung, another priest, sisters and lay people watching me. I felt shy. I sweat so much that my clothes were very wet.


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