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1989February 23, 1989 -Prepare a tabernacle in the Chapel so that we can pray with my Son Jesus.

Message on February 23, 1989

I was not able to fall asleep because of thoughts about the cunning violence of the devil. I suffered because of all kinds of attacks by the devil coming through people, but entrusted everything to God with a deep love and prayed to Him with a trusting heart.

I was trying to sleep. It was a while later. I was not sure if I was sleeping or not. Suddenly I heard a voice.

Voice: Julia! Lately you have been suffering too much. Take a break now. Even Jesus rested between prayers.

I was wondering if it was the Blessed Mother and if she was going to give me some rest, as she knew well about all my sufferings so far. But it was a little strange that she would give me a break during this Lenten season of fasting and penance. I was also remembering the Blessed Mother having asked that I offer graciously all the numerous pains given to me—even those terrible ones that twist arms and legs and grind the heart.

Voice of Satan: You have accumulated lots of treasures in Heaven so far by sacrificing yourself for sinners. These treasures are yours. Now, God will be very pleased, even if you rest comfortably and lead a life without pains. Let others take care of the work in the Chapel. You don't have to spread the messages any longer. I will take care of everything.

Julia: What should I do then?

Voice of Satan: 
Now my will is about to be realized. You can return to your family. If you focus on taking good care of your family, I will give you all the happiness, wealth and fame. So, listen to me. You don't have to worry about your husband's success in the world or your children's future. Do you understand?

No, I don't.

It was hard to understand what I was hearing. Happiness, wealth and fame?

Voice of Satan: Now I will let you live a comfortable life. Don't you like it?

I kept feeling suspicious.

Julia: Who are you? Show me yourself.

Voice of Satan: I am Mother Mary whom you love. Listen to my words carefully. Now you must sever yourself from Father Spies. You are a Korean. Why do you work with a foreigner? Now obey me only. I will direct you myself.

Julia: It was my Mother Mary who led me to hold hands with Father Spies. My life belongs to God. God will lead me. I have never wanted happiness, wealth and fame. I only wish that the Lord's Will be done on this earth.

Voice of Satan: You, a stubborn one! If you don't value your life, I will take it today. I cannot stand you taking away souls from me. If I only get rid of you, I will feel relief. I am also going to incapacitate the priests.

From that moment on, I had to suffer without even being able to say a word. I thought I was dying—unable to resist under a heavy pressure. After a while, I opened my eyes without full consciousness. There was the Blessed Mother not speaking but looking at me compassionately. Her appearance was that of the weeping Blessed Mother of Naju. Her expression was one of a mother watching her children in pains and wishing to suffer in their place.

I was trying to say, "Mother!" and start talking to her, but could not speak. I struggled and kept calling her, but could not make any sound come with my mouth. Finally, I called, "Mother!" loudly and woke up. It was 5 a.m. My small desk was left turned over. I felt that Mother had something to tell me and, so, washed myself and went to the Chapel. When I opened the door of the Chapel, there was a strong fragrance of roses and lilies. As I was walking in, the Blessed Mother was walking toward me. When I stopped, she stopped also. She was within a reaching distance from me.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Thank you.

Julia: Mother, why do you love this sinner so much, who is so ignorant and incapable?


I give my messages of love to the simple and little ones. Little ones give admiration, honor and glory to the Lord and do not take away anything from me. Certain things that can be shortcomings to the big souls are not shortcomings to the little ones. You are a little soul. You have many shortcomings, but these shortcomings can turn into good through sacrifices and reparations and can keep you humble. Offer everything, as I love within you, turning everything you do into a prayer of love. As you do not refuse anything to me, I will not refuse anything to you.

Mother! I am an unqualified person unable to do anything. I am only a poor and unworthy sinner who should remain hidden.

Yes. I called you, because you are poor and unworthy. I wish to spread my messages of love through you who wants to work hidden.

Mother! That is difficult because of my unworthiness.

Do not fear. When you feel uneasy, the devils will intensify their attacks and work harder to achieve their victory. They are becoming more active employing all kinds of methods to defeat you, as many souls get to see the light, thanks to the grace of conversion through your sacrifices and sufferings.

Look. Aren't they persecuting you through many people under the guise of good? I do not give up any single soul. Nobody can take away even one soul from me, but, because God gave humans free will, they run away, betray and deny the Lord and follow Satan, blinded by their stubbornness. There are too many children who lack trust in me and hurt my Immaculate Heart. Daughter! I implore you.

Julia: Mother! Please tell me. I will not spare even my life for the sake of the realization of the Lord's Will. Let your will be done.

Yes. Thank you. People know well that the Lord did not create them to become one team with the devils and, yet, they do become one and provoke God's anger. They should be sharing joy with each other in eternal love, instead. Therefore, my messages of love must spread fast for their amendment of life.

For this purpose, the approval is necessary. Talk to the Bishop again. My beloved Bishop, my dearest priest. He has devoted his whole life to the Lord and has always taken good care of the children as their parent in the Lord's place despite many wounds, pains and sufferings. I am comforted by his many sacrifices and reparations. I will let him shine with the light of the Lord's glory. Offer Masses in the Chapel so that the arrows of fire thrown by the devils may be stopped.

My Son Jesus is shedding blood and sweat. Too many souls are joining their forces with the devils. Therefore, prepare a tabernacle in the Chapel so that we can pray with my Son Jesus. Then, there will certainly be a victory. Help me. Invite my Son Jesus in Who will shine brightly in this dark world.

Julia: Mother! What should I do?

Consult with the Bishop, my son, together with the Pastor and Father Spies. Help me save many souls.

Julia: What kind of method should we use?

She did not answer. I asked again and again, but she was silent and weeping. It was 7 a.m.


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