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1989July 5, 1989 -My sweet priests whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes.

Message on July 5, 1989


I had been in pains for five days. The pains were so severe that I could not open my eyes or stretch my back. I felt so bitter in my mouth, as if I had drunk bile. I also had an intense headache and felt so cold that I had to cover myself with a thick cotton blanket, normally used in winter, and turned on an electric heating pad. I was thinking, offering pains for the sanctification of priests, conversion of sinners, and world peace:

Our Blessed Mother must be suffering so much pain, because many children are being controlled by the devils because of their division and confrontation and walk in darkness. My pains seemed to become lighter and more bearable with these thoughts.

At that moment, Rufino, the Chapel administrator, came and informed me that the Blessed Mother's statue was shedding tears of blood. It was 3:15 p.m. I wanted to go to the Chapel, but could not move myself at all. At 3:50 p.m., the Pastor came and conversed with me with great difficulty for one hour. Then, he blessed me and I was able to sit up. I was sweating and able to stretch my back. The bitter taste in my mouth was also gone and I felt refreshed and was able to walk. So, I went to the Chapel with the Pastor and saw the statue weeping. It was about 6:30 p.m.

After the Pastor left, I began praying the rosary and entered an ecstasy. I saw Father Andrew Kim blessing all the children in the world.

In spite of this, many children continue to be controlled by devils. The devils influence people's minds, making them criticize each other with jealousy and resentment; making them justify their actions by speaking ill of and cheating others and by pride, hatred and selfishness; and making them confront each other with anger and indignation. They also make people live in disorder through lust and obscenity and make them accommodate to evil through hatred and the inability to forgive each other. I saw the vicious rampage of the devils leading people to evil under the guise of good.

The Blessed Mother had told me about this many times in the past, but today she showed me the viciousness of the devil. The devil had a black shape, but was controlling people while hiding himself. In contrast, Father Andrew Kim was praying the rosary with us while chasing away the devils with palm tree leaves together with many other martyred Saints.

As Father Kim was blessing and embracing all of us, I got out of the ecstasy. The time was about 7:50 p.m. I felt that the Blessed Mother would be giving me messages in the upper room and had myself carried by someone there. After I prayed for a while, the Blessed Mother appeared in front of the dresser. She was wearing a queen's crown and a blue mantle. She was very beautiful, but looked sad.

Her appearance was as usual. It was somewhat foggy between the lower edge of her dress and her feet. I could see some roses near her feet not very clearly, though, because of the fog. Her crown and whole body were so bright that I could not look at her closely. The crown looked similar to the one given to her by Father Matthias Park. The Blessed Mother was so bright that I could not look at her directly and listened to her while bowing my head and kneeling on the floor.

The message was for all the priests.

Oh, my beloved priests, my sons! Today, I bestow streams of mercy on you out of my immaculate love. Your High Priest, my Son Jesus, also bestows the cup of blessing on you today.

Thank you for fighting in the world of darkness where many souls have lost faith and are revolting against God and blaspheming Him because of their selfishness.

My dear sons! I know well that you are experiencing many pains, fatigue, loneliness, sadness, and, sometimes, blasphemies and insults in following my Son Jesus.

But that is unavoidable. Think of all the scourgings that my Son received. He was the Son of God, but, because He was Jesus with a human nature, He suffered pains when He was ridiculed and crucified. Then, for the salvation of the human race, He asked His Father to forgive those who were hurting Him. He did not drink the bitter chalice, because He wanted it, did He? He said, "Father, if You will, remove this chalice from Me; but not My Will, but Yours be done."

Oh, my beloved priests! My sweet priests whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes. Give me all your pains and sufferings.

Come to me and spread my messages of love courageously so that people may be freed from the Red Dragon and that the Kingdom of the Lord may come. In union with the Pope and all the bishops, let the victory of the resurrection reach the whole world. In this age, the devil is becoming more active to control humans by means of human powers. My numerous poor children are following the Red Dragon and walking toward the deep darkness, hell, in their extreme pride. They are working in many different cunning ways to confuse people about the messages that I give.

Oh, my poor children. My priests, hold the hands of so many of my children who are recklessly walking into darkness.

There are some priests who broke away from me and do not follow the Will of Jesus. But, through my priests and on this soil made fertile by the blood of so many martyrs, many souls are growing under the light from my Son and me. On the other hand, the Red Dragon is becoming more violent. So, tell people to be awake and pray.

Oh, my dear priests! I want even the most corrupt souls to receive the light from me. Therefore, be loyal to Jesus so that they may convert. Also do not let my tears and blood flow in vain. I want my beloved priests to become sacrificial victims for the conversion of sinners.

Now, the devils are influencing people in the guise of all kinds of good. Oh, my sons! Shouldn't you discern (what the devils are doing) and defeat the devils? That is what is called for in my messages. Pray the rosary fervently. Offer sacrifices and reparations and consecrate yourselves totally to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Trust more and follow me with confidence. Let all my children offer five more decades of the rosary for world peace, as prayers of love and unity.

Oh, my beloved priests! My precious ones who perform the amazing miracle of the Sacrament! Do not turn your eyes away from my messages, but have complete trust in my Immaculate Heart and entrust everything to my guidance. Rely totally on my Immaculate Heart through unending sacrifices and penances in order to crush the devils who are trying to afflict you by all kinds of cunning methods.

My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph. You will certainly see the victory, if you accept my words. I will help you with my power that crushes the head of the serpent and I will be with you. But, if you do not accept my words, many people will not be able to avoid the chastisement from God.

Now, come back to me and work together with me. Oh, the littlepriests of my Jesus! Sacred ministers of Jesus! Hold my hands. I ask each of you, who are my most precious and beloved little Jesus. Please put into practice the messages I give through Julia, who is so little and poor.

After these words, the Blessed Mother and the light disappeared. Actually, I was going to ask the Blessed Mother to tell the priests directly, as I was so incapable. But she left before I had a chance to say this. I felt sorry that I could not say anything. I only murmured. "Lord, Thy Will alone be done."


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