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1989October 14, 1989 -Keep to your heart my words spoken with tears of blood.

 Message on October 14, 1989

While I was in bed in the upper room because of intense pains, Father Raymond Spies and Father Louis Bosmans from Canada came and spoke to me. "Julia, the Blessed Mother is shedding more tears today than ever. We will help you. Let's go and see the Blessed Mother." Then, they blessed me. After the blessing, we went to the Chapel and saw that the Blessed Mother had shed tears of blood copiously, making the cloth under the statue very wet.

I was crying and started praying the rosary with the priests. When we reached the Fifth Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries and said, "Let us meditate on the Crucifixion of Jesus," I fell down and entered an ecstasy. It was 1:10 p.m. I heard the extremely beautiful, soft and, yet, anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

THE BLESSED MOTHER: Daughter! Can you receive pains for the Holy Father?

Julia: Yes, Mother. I will receive pains.

I tried to speak, but could not make any sound. The Blessed Mother understood.

Daughter! Thank you. The International Eucharistic Congress (held in Seoul and presided over by Pope John Paul II) ended safely thanks to your sacrifices, reparations and sufferings. But the cunning devils continue their attempts to hurt the Pope and are organizing assassination squads. Offer more sacrifices and sufferings for his safety.

As she ended speaking, I began receiving pains. They were pains of crucifixion, the heart being penetrated by an arrow and the chest flaming up after being hit by the arrows of fire that sinners dipped in oil and threw. I also received the pains that I had not even imagined those suffered by the Korean martyrs?/span>the pains of leg screws and of pouring rancid sewer water and human excrement into my mouth. It was so painful and hard to endure.

I was happy despite the pains, as I saw the devils collapse and run away whenever I suffered the pains of martyrdom. Again, I heard the anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

Daughter! Leave everything to me and do not be anxious to know the end results. Pray and offer sacrifices and reparations constantly for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. Those who are being controlled by the devils are trying hard to strike down the Holy Father and lead the Church to destruction. But all the devils will lose power, when my tears and blood are combined with your sacrifices and reparations.

But, today, even my children in the Church are experiencing confusion because of the false prophets. The priests, who represent my Son, Jesus Christ, must be discreet and do their best to lead a life based on the teachings in the Gospels and within the orders of the Church.

You must understand well what kind of sacrifice my Son Jesus made for you and through what kind of pains your salvation has been won.

Display the power of love. My Heart is hurting so much because of the deafness and blindness of the children who do not love. Because they do not repent and, therefore, sink deeper into sins, my Heart is burning and burning so much that it bleeds. The blood gets mixed with tears and flows out of my eyes. Even so, they do not accept my words and, because of this, the anger of God is flaming up very vehemently.

Daughter! Look at the condition of many children in this world. Because people complain even about small pains like headaches, bruises and scratches, the devils are laying traps of thorns, venom and atrocities. The human feet should be used for rushing to adore God, but are, instead, being used for running toward evil things. Their mouths should be used for praising and admiring the Son of God, but are being used for blaspheming and judging God. As a result, the whole world is being covered with darkness and is provoking the anger of God. The punishment is imminent.

You will be saved, if you do not ignore my tears and tears of blood, accept my words well and live a life based on the Gospels. But, if you do not, major calamities from the sky, on the ground, and in the seas will continue to happen. The world will experience all kinds of disasters. There will be moments of incredible distress in the near future. Therefore, do not think these are accidental happenings. Be awake and pray.

Children! I beg you. Like the Israelites who crossed the Red Sea and entered the fertile land of Canaan after the slavery in Egypt, you must also leave evil, practice my messages, and, thereby, walk toward Heaven. If not, you will not be able to escape the crisis of the Third World War. It will be too late to regret.

You must not forget that, as God called Moses to Mt. Sinai to save the Israelites, I am calling you without ceasing, imploring with tears in order to save you.

What might have happened, if Noah did not say "Yes" and obey, when Yahweh told him to build a ship to save him? Keep to your heart my words spoken with tears of blood. How can you be so blind and deaf? My Heart is flaming up intensely, my children, because families, the Church and society are becoming corrupt and the politicians are unable to achieve unity. Quickly renounce yourselves and come to me.

The Blessed Mother was sobbing and weeping, almost like lamenting.

Mother! Mother!! Please tell the Bishop and priests what needs to be done. I am so incapable and unqualified.

Do not worry. God loved the lowliness of His handmaid and worked in the heart that felt its weakness. Because many souls are being saved through your sufferings, the devils are afflicting you. Offer up your sufferings well.

Julia: Mother! It is too hard because of my unworthiness. Help me.

If I did not help you, the world would have become seas of fire already. But I will never leave you. Therefore, open your ears when you hear precious words and close your ears when you hear slanders. Even when you walk in darkness, follow me with confidence. Your sighs will turn into joys, if you accept my messages well and practice them.

When she finished these words, Jesus appeared with a bright light, wearing a white cloak and a red mantle. He blessed us and disappeared. The ecstasy ended at 4:10 p.m.


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