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1989November 26, 1989 -The gate to Heaven is small and, therefore, little children enter it.

 Message on November 26, 1989

The Blessed Mother had been shedding tears and tears of blood since October 13, 1989. At around 9:40 p.m. today, the Feast of Christ the King, she wept so much.

My pains began soon after 11 p.m. I prayed fervently that I could endure them. First, I had pains in my chest and felt as if it was going to burst, followed by pains of the crown of thorns and nailing of the hands and feet. My helpers carried me from the Chapel to my room. I wanted to receive pains alone and asked them to return home. But, as I was struggling with intense pains, they stayed and had a hard time holding me.

Because of so much pain in my chest, blood was coming up to my throat. While I was struggling with pains, one of the toe nails on my left foot came off. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking.

Daughter! My chest is hurting so much because of many children who live in sins. My chest is burning so much that blood is coming up to my throat. Many souls will convert, because you offer your sufferings well. Sacrifices are necessary, because my burning Immaculate Heart does not want sinners to die, but to amend their lives. Events that no one can even imagine are waiting for you. But my Immaculate Heart is comforted by the prayers of the obedient children, the pains and hidden agonies of the innocent children, and the tears and earnest pleas of yourself who has become a living sacrifice.

Deeply sorrowful lamentations, silent prayers, and crying out to Heaven because of betrayals, ingratitude and enormously heavy pressures; the pains of death experienced by my Divine Son for the salvation of the whole human race . . . your participation in these pains will bring about the conversion of many sinners. Therefore, do not be troubled, but carry the cross further. My daughter!

My dear daughter who finds joy in receiving pains. Think of my urgent calls to the world and become like me.

How can the worldly people understand that the agonies befallen on you are coming from the Lord's love? You must tell people that holy virtues cannot be attained without going through the cross. Also tell them that, only through numerous sacrifices, will the messages of my love spread to the entire world and guide all the people and peace of mind be achieved.

Nothing can be achieved without sacrifices. The road to Heaven is difficult. But know that there are joyful relaxing places there. I also experienced the same kind of weaknesses that you have and my human nature went through terrifying pains. That is why I love and nurture you who are so poor.

My daughter! I could make you perfect, but I want you to walk the way of a humble and little person and to confess to God always as an unworthy sinner. Be more faithful to your duties of love.

All of you must know well that the refuge in my bosom is always ready for the souls who have been lost but are turning themselves to me.

Since I chose you for the conversion of many souls, do not worry, and walk the little person's way of love more humbly and straightforward. The gate to Heaven is small and, therefore, little children enter it. For this reason, little souls must unite with each other more solidly and follow me in order to save the world.

The numerous souls who have brought about an imbalance in the universe because of their excessive pride will convert and world peace will be achieved through my fervent calls and tears and through the prayers, sacrifices and reparations by the little souls.

Thus, the walls of East Germany collapsed, the pagans will repent, the atheists will return, the Communist countries will convert, the barbed wires between South and North Korea will be cut, the devils will collapse, and a terrestrial paradise will be established on this earth. But if you do not accept my words and reject the Lord, the world will become seas of fire and perish through the Third World War. The God of Love can also be a God of wrath. Pray harder and offer sufferings.

The sounds of this world become inaudible to me during my suffering. But I can hear the voice of the Blessed Mother despite the pains. The pains were too severe and my throat was too dry. It was hard to say anything, but I finished the prayers with a song, "Lord, glory and praise to you . . ." and the Glory Be.

How could I spare my life, if these pains give even the smallest comfort to Jesus and the Blessed Mother? Glory be to the Lord and let this unworthy sinner give unending thanks to Thee. Amen.


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