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1989November 27, 1989- You must not turn your eyes away from me, your Mother.

 Message on November 27, 1989

From yesterday evening until 1:30 a.m., I received many kinds of pains. I got up at 7:30 a.m. and was called by the Blessed Mother to the Chapel. At about 8:30 a.m., the statue began moving. I shouted, "The Blessed Mother is moving!" to those who had been praying before the statue. The statue became the live and beautiful Blessed Mother surrounded by a bright light.

She spoke with an extremely beautiful and kind voice. Not daring to look at her, I prostrated myself on the floor.

Daughter! Thank you.
Your suffering is like tearing off a piece of live flesh from the human nature. I am comforted, because you have offered your life for the glory of the Lord and have been willing to suffer all the pains for the conversion of sinners.

Daughter! See the Bishop. He knows how much I love him. But how could he fully understand my Heart that so anxiously longs for him? My beloved Bishop! Tell my son, the Bishop, of whom I am proud and who loves me. With his whole life devoted to the Lord and for the purpose of following the Lord's Will, he has been climbing Mt. Calvary and praying and making sacrificial offerings at Gethsemane together with my Son Jesus for the conversion of sinners.

But, because I felt incapable of doing it, I said to the Blessed Mother.

Julia: Mother! I am so incapable of doing this work.

I was feeling so anxious and weeping loudly, because I thought how much easier it would be if the Blessed Mother told the Bishop directly.

Do not worry too much. My Son Jesus uses an unworthy person like you and pulls you out of nothingness for His glory. Your humility in thinking that you are ignorant and unqualified is what I want. Entrust yourself completely to that grace.

Julia: Mother! I am sorry. I only hurt your Heart all the time. I will do anything for the glory of the Lord. Please tell me.

My Son Jesus chose the Bishop. My most beloved child, my sweet son, whom I can put in my eyes without hurting my eyes. I have been with him and held his hands always and wherever he has been.

There have been so many crises for him until now. In all those difficult times, I have been his shield and his interpreter guarding his life. Thus, I want to receive the approval through him whom I love lavishly so that my messages of love may spread to the world. Since the world is still far from the truth and conversion, my voice can spread more forcefully to the world, sinners can repent, the chained people can be freed and peace can prevail, only if the Church approves my voice.

You must not turn your eyes away from me, your Mother for the sake of face-saving or public eyes. My tears will never flow in vain. I will perform amazing miracles of love through the Mass. Let there be Masses celebrated in this Chapel. The sanctification of priests will be accomplished through the Masses offered with me.

My dear and poor children ... Follow my will wholeheartedly to save many souls who are going toward hell without even knowing that they are going there.

Many children are revolting against God with enormous pride, breaking their vows, and even contradicting and ridiculing His teachings. Therefore, I demand that my messages be spread fast.

When my messages are accepted by the Church and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened, order and truth will be restored, and the devils, who instigate confusion and cause turmoil, will be defeated. But, if the world rejects my words and refuses to repent, the fire of God's justice will fall upon the world.

I am asking for help from the Bishop whom I chose with love in order to wash away the stains of sinners with my tears which flow endlessly like a river, even when they are not visible. When my Son Jesus came to the children of the world because of His Love, even to the extent of becoming their Food, He came through the priests, as He wanted to obey them. In the same manner, I want to spread my increasingly anxious voice to the world through the Bishop. Please follow my wish.

Daughter! You must unite with my son, the Bishop, and with your spiritual director. Obey them, entrust all to them and follow their guidance. They will surely receive the laurel crown from me. If they accept my words well, my Immaculate Heart will flame up with love and the world will convert and be saved. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

Even before I had a chance to respond, the light disappeared and the appearance of the Blessed Mother became that of the statue.


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