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2018October 16, 2018 - Remember ‘Gujagwanya’ (口者關也 : Chinese idiom which means that a mouth is just like a gate way, so that we must not run loose with our mouths carelessly) not to make all the laborious

The Message of Love from the Blessed Mother
received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on October 16, 2018



It is not only the children in the world but shepherds as well who are supposed to be leading them are going the wrong direction, and I was praying in tears at 3 am on October 16. At that moment, the Blessed Mother also said tearfully.

The Blessed Mother : "All my beloved children in the world! There is no time to hesitate or procrastinate anymore. Hurriedly come fully awake now and pray. Who determined the movements of heavenly bodies and who made the laws of nature? There is nothing that the Lord cannot do, if He wills it. Therefore, do not waste your time speaking useless words.

My little soul who always confesses that she is an unworthy sinner and participates in the Lord’s suffering regards everything as her fault although she is judged in complete unfairness through groundless malignant rumors and accusations, and she is praying earnestly for their repentance, even though subjecting herself to being cruelly scorned, and insulted, offering up all the sufferings with Five Spiritualities even in the terrifying pains with her legs and arms being twisted and making her heart torn to tatters.

Hence My Father in heaven is holding back the release of His just wrath, and I am consoled with My Son. 

My beloved children! Do not weigh or judge or condemn anymore, even small and any trivial thing with your human thoughts. Worries bound up in religious precepts are but a waste of time.

Because most children of this world look at everything according to their own way of perception, they fall into narcissism and, thereby, frequently analyze everything with their own negative thinking and condemn others with outright prejudices of their own making.

Therefore, remembering ‘Gujagwanya’ (口者關也 : Chinese idiom which means that a mouth is just like a gate way, so that we must not run loose with our mouths carelessly) not to make all the laborious accumulated good works collapse, as humble little souls like little babies, arm yourselves with Five Spiritualities simply and offer up everything more graciously.

Then you will not only enjoy eternal happiness in the next world, but also receive everything in this world as well."

Four-character Chinese idiom used in Messages

  • 口者關也 : It means that a mouth is just like a gate way, so that we must not run loose with our mouths carelessly.

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