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2023Message of Love from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on Good Friday, April 7, 2023

Message of Love from Jesus received
by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on Good Friday, April 7, 2023

My suffering continued throughout the entire Lenten season. From the beginning of the Holy Week, the devils attacked me relentlessly through people who are close to me, and those attacks intensified throughout the week. Thus I went into the Holy Triduum offering up the excruciating pains that led me to death. On Holy Thursday, I participated in the prayer meeting and attended the Mass of the Lord's Supper in the waiting room at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. After the Mass, Fragrant Oil and Thick Mother’s Milk descended inside the room in abundance.

The Fragrant Oil and Thick Mother’s Milk disappeared gradually as witnessed by Fr. Alexander and some of the volunteers who were present. That sign signified that all the graces were being absorbed spiritually by all the pilgrims.


Shortly after, plenty of the Fragrant Oil and Thick Mother’s Milk descended once again. A lady volunteer who was healed of terminal cancer testified that she saw the scene of the Thick Mother’s Milk descending twice that evening with her own eyes.

My suffering reached its climax on Good Friday when I offered it up to make reparation for obscene sins which were excessively severe. Over the years, I have never missed doing the Stations of the Cross with pilgrims on Good Friday. However, I couldn’t possibly attend the prayer this time because of the extreme pains. I participated in the Stations of the Cross through the live streaming of the prayer at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain while offering with Semchigo as if I were there praying together with all of them at the same time in that very place.

While offering this continuous suffering, I attended the Liturgy for Good Friday at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain and prayed earnestly:

“Lord, please fulfill the intentions of the priests and Your children who are attending today’s liturgy as they’ve requested. Also please remember Your children who desired to come here today but couldn’t make it due to unavoidable circumstances.

Jesus, when You were nailed on the Cross and died on it to save us, unworthy ones, You poured out Blood and Water to the very last drop in atonement for our sins. Please transfuse Them into the heads of our priests and to us. I implore You to wash and wipe our every cell from head to toe, and break through what has been clogged in us, that our souls and bodies may be fully healed.

At that very moment, Jesus wearing the Crown of Thorns and bleeding profusely appeared to me. Whenever priests and His close children, who say that they love Jesus so much, commit sins, the thorns like daggers pierce His head as if penetrating. Looking at the scene, I wailed.

Julia: “O Jesus! Because of our sins, unworthy ones, You Who are innocent, bleed so terribly like this and suffer. How painful You are, Lord! I, an unworthy one, don’t know what to do with myself for you. Even though my suffering is even tinier than dust, I totally offer up the suffering of this worthless sinner to You, thus may You be comforted.”

Jesus was looking towards me sympathetically, and then He kindly spoke,

Jesus: “O My love, My little soul who strives with all her heart and strength to total exhaustion (盡悴)! Thank you! Will you participate in the suffering when I completely laid Myself down for the salvation of the world?”

Julia: “Sure, I will participate in it. I am only Yours.”

From that very moment, I received countless pains that Jesus suffers on my whole body, even though it was a little. I began to receive the pains from the crown of thorns. The extreme pains and suffering seized me from that moment. It was the pain of hammering long, thick nails into both sides of the head. The nails were struck forcefully with a hammer on both ends of my forehead, the boundary where the head and forehead meet, three times, “Bang, bang, bang!”, then the nails were completely stuck on my head. Simultaneously, many large and small thorns were also thrusted into my entire head.

Immediately after, I received immense pains of Jesus’ Sacred Heart flaming with fire, the pains of His Side being pierced by a spear, the pains of His Five Wounds, and the pains of scourging all at once. My side where I was in great pain since Holy Thursday became swollen up to a size bigger than a steamed bun. In addition, I participated in the pains that Jesus was being slapped and beaten up on His face mercilessly by a Roman soldier with his ringed palm.

On January 5, 2002, when I was beaten by the Roman soldier’s ringed fist at the 7th Station on the Way of the Cross, and my right cheek was scarred. This time, my cheek was being slapped so hard by his open hand until I received three bruises on my cheek. During that torment, I bit onto my tongue as it was clinched between my upper and lower teeth.

My tongue was hurting so much that I could not eat properly thereafter. Furthermore, I underwent intense pains in reparation for the sins of abortion and obscenity continuously. The pains were so extreme and far greater than what I have experienced previously, and thus revealed that the sins of abortion and the obscenity are more prevalent, extreme and devastating nowadays. 

Although I had such intense pains, my only hope was that the Lord would be comforted to some extent at the very least. I also interceded and offered up the pains for the repentance of the clergy, the religious, sinners and especially for the pilgrims who have gathered there.

Jesus: “My precious little soul, My little baby who doesn’t think about her own comfort and wishes everyone to be saved by living up to the Five Spiritualities so that not even one soul would be lost! Thank you, and how can I ignore and reject your requests that are accompanied by your offering up so graciously even the pains of death (絶命) for the sake of Me and My Mother, and for the salvation of the children of the world? I will fulfill them, as you request.

I will not let even one drop of your blood and tears be in vain. As you’ve beseeched, I will transfuse every drop of Blood and Water that I’ve shed to the priests and all My children who are here, and for the souls who completely entrust themselves to My Mother and Me, follow Us precisely, and live up the Five Spiritualities every moment of every day. Together with My Mother, I will protect and take care of them so that they may not lose their way, and We will lead them to enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven on their last day.”

Julia: “O Lord! Thank You. Jesus Who shows us the truth ; we can resurrect only when we die to ourselves first by showing Your example, and You’ve asked us to follow You closely.

You are the Lord, yet You became the sacrificial victim in order to save us sinners. You died in atonement for our sins and have given us a new life. You did not end with death, but led us all into a new life in You through Your victorious resurrection.

When You breathe Your last on the Cross this Good Friday, help us die to ourselves and be born anew. Take away our strong egos and evil habits ; unworthy and weak as we are, may all of us win the victory of the resurrection when You resurrect.”

After a thanksgiving prayer to Jesus, I went to venerate the Holy Cross. When I returned to the waiting room, I noticed a visible black patch suddenly appeared on the side of my left palm, and some drops of the Precious Blood descended on my right hand, as well as, on the top part of my hanbok (Korean traditional dress).

Thereafter, the Precious Blood descended two more times, coming down like tiny and large rain drops onto me. I found It descended even to the floor of the waiting room.

While trying to complete writing the message, the pain of the crown of thorns continued, thus it was difficult for me to open my eyes. The pain of being stricken with thorns continued, and there were wounds over various parts of my body as well.

O, Jesus, Lord of Love, receive praise, glory and adoration through this suffering of mine! Blessed Mother, be comforted! Amen!


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