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2002March 28, 2002 -Remain awake and pray by turning your life at every moment into prayers.

Message of Love on March 28, 2002

Spiritually participating in the pains that the Lord suffered miserably and in loneliness at Gethsemane and Calvary after having been deserted by all, I prayed on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's mountain.

While I was praying on my knees at the Eleventh Station, I could not control my tears, thinking about the extreme pains that Jesus suffered when He was nailed to the Cross.  He suffered the cruel pains of His live flesh being pierced.  With His infinite Love, which is high, deep, and wide, the Lord offered up His whole body, only urging the conversion of sinners even in the midst of all kinds of contempt, maltreatment, and insults by His beloved children.  I was choking with sobs.  

"Oh, Jesus Who is Love Itself, my Beloved!  What are we, humans, whom the Lord loves so much?"  While crying and thanking the Lord for His amazing love, I prayed especially for the sanctification of priests and the conversion of sinners, thinking of this blessed day which the Lord chose as the day of priesthood and on which He sealed a covenant (with us) by establishing the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders. I also prayed earnestly that Jesus, the Teacher Who totally offered Himself up, bestow the same love upon all the children in the sick world of this age that He bestowed upon His disciples at the Last Supper. Suddenly at that moment, I fell back on the ground screaming for intense pains of my head being pressed down with a crown of thorns and both of my hands, both of my feet and my side being pierced.  While I was groaning with extreme pains, a powerful light radiated from the sky, and the Lord and the Blessed Mother came down escorted by angels. 

I could not see clearly because of the bright light, but knew that the Lord was making the Sign of the Cross on my forehead with His finger.  Because I smelled a powerful fragrance of roses, I looked at the Blessed Mother and saw her exuding fragrant oil.  Momentarily, I remembered the message that the Blessed Mother gave us on April 8, 1993, Holy Thursday, exuding fragrant oil, and thought: "Oh, the Blessed Mother is again manifesting to us her presence, love and friendship by squeezing her whole body to give us this fragrant oil on this day of priesthood which commemorates the Last Supper."  At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking gently with a loving and kind voice.

"Yes, my beloved daughter!  Thank you.  My Son Jesus and I, Who are listening to the sounds of your prayers filled with love and sincerity, are greatly consoled by the sacrifices and reparations that you offer up for the conversion of sinners.  Therefore, I intend to rescue from the chains of perishment all those who come to this place, by washing their souls and bodies with the fragrant oil that I gave you by squeezing my whole body, manifesting the burning love in my Immaculate Heart.

All my beloved children in the world!  As God saved many of the Israelites in the wilderness by lifting up high a bronze serpent through Moses, my Son Jesus and I intend to save many people with the immeasurable merits of His suffering on the Cross and the burning love in my Immaculate Heart by accompanying you on this Way of the Cross, shedding blood, as you meditate on the Lord's Passion and pray for the conversion of sinners, offering up your utmost devotion in this age situated in danger.  Therefore, I wish that the following words by the Lord: "Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; and knock and it will be opened to you," will be fully realized to you through your sincere and earnest prayers. 

My beloved children!  How can you even imagine what kind of pains I received when my extremely beloved Son Jesus was nailed to the Cross and died?  What a pain it was when the crowds, who had been so heartily cheering my Son Jesus, shouting, "Hosanna!" just three days before he was crucified, suddenly began screaming: "He is a criminal who deserves to die!  Kill him!  Crucify him!"  That was not all.  It was a bone-piercing pain when the Lord's beloved disciples, who had intended to follow Him wherever He might go, turned their faces away from my Son Jesus.  It was a pain of ingratitude and betrayal that became a sharp dagger, piercing my Heart deeply. 

Furthermore, it was a gruesome pain for this Mother, unable even to look with open eyes, when my Son Jesus was walking on the terrible Way of the Cross to Calvary receiving all kinds of ridicules, with His body covered with blood from head to feet because of scourging, exhausted and worn out, and falling miserably with the Cross.  It was a pain of my whole body becoming torn apart and all of its bones being crushed. 

That was not all!  The sounds of a hammer nailing my Son Jesus to the Cross gave me the pains of my whole body being hit with a hammer, and the spear piercing the side of the Lord hanging on the Cross caused me an extreme pain of my Heart being pierced and crushed.

I, who was the Mother but was unable to do anything before the miserable condition (of the Lord), walked the Way of Calvary, which Jesus had walked shedding blood, day after day after that day, praying earnestly to God the Father for the conversion of sinners.  Even now, two thousand years later, I am still walking together with you.

Therefore, my children who have been called because I love you extremely!  I wish that at least you, who are supposed to know the Lord and me, win victory over the devil, who distracts your minds, perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper and the Paschal Mystery of Resurrection, remain awake and pray by turning your life at every moment into prayers, display the power of love more vigorously, and offer up your total loyalty in heroic ways so that all may be saved, and thus gain Heaven.

Now, receive the encouragement, consolation, and blessing of love from the Lord Who has become your real father together with the blessing from me who is your real mother and thus enjoy exultation, love and peace.

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the Lord blessed us with His hands raised high, and the Blessed Mother also blessed us with her both hands stretched out.  Then, the Lord and the Blessed Mother disappeared.  Realizing that fragrant oil was still coming down, I screamed, "Fragrant oil is coming down!" Those who were near me stretched out their hands and received the fragrant oil.  When I told them that Jesus made the Sign of the Cross on my forehead with His finger wet with fragrant oil, they brought a lantern closer to look at my forehead.  They saw a shiny mark of the cross made with oil in the middle of my forehead.

Then, they helped me stand up, as I had been lying down.  We were surprised again, when we saw large stains of fragrant oil at different places on the paved area at the Eleventh Station.  All of us could smell a powerful fragrance of roses and shouted for joy.  The fragrant oil stains were found from the Tenth Station to the Eleventh Station.

Glory be to the Lord and praise be to the Blessed Mother!


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