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2002June 30, 2002 -You must remember that the time of the judgment of justice is not far off.

Message on June 30, 2002

At about 6 p.m., I was informed that Jesus of Mt. Calvary on the Blessed Mother's mountain was weeping tears, and went to the mountain arriving there at about 7 p.m.

On the mountain, I saw Jesus on the Cross really shedding tears from His eyes and sweating from His whole body.  There already were many people gathered, witnessing this amazing scene and shedding tears of repentance.  Some of them were wailing loudly.

I wiped Jesus'tears and sweat with cotton and collected His sweat flowing down to His toes in a small bottle.  When a man saw this and said, "Isn't this plain water?" the tears and sweat suddenly stopped flowing down.  Instead, water began flowing from between the toes.  This water kept flowing down, even though I wiped it repeatedly.  I began praying silently: 

"Oh, my Love, my Lord!  You have already shed so much Precious Blood and even bloody water.  Today, on the 17th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping, are You squeezing Your whole body to give us even the last drop of water?

Oh, Jesus!  Have mercy on all those who come to this Blessed Mother's mountain by washing their souls and bodies and opening what has been clogged in them with the blood and water that You shed by squeezing Your whole body so that everyone without exception may achieve the victory of resurrection with the help of the grace of repentance and give glory to the Lord.  Also, in addition to these people, send down the sweet rain of the Holy Spirit upon all those arid souls who are persecuting the Blessed Mother of Naju so that they may also become dissolved in the Lord's Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart, become one in the Holy Trinity, and, in the joy of being in harmony with the Saints, achieve victory in the war against the three enemies (the devil, the body, and the world) and manifest the Lord's glory.

Jesus, Who is Love!  What can I, an unworthy, sinful woman, not do for You?  I only pray that Your Will be done through this unworthy, sinful woman.?"

 At that moment, I heard the Lord's voice.

"Are you willing to suffer pains for Me and My Mother and for the conversion of sinners?"

I answered promptly:  "Yes, I am so willing."    As soon as I answered, Jesus on the Crucifix resumed shedding His blood and water to the last drop for our sake.  I also saw a vision in which the Lord and the Blessed Mother were bathing everyone's soul and body with the Lord's blood and water which He shed to the last drop and I was helping the Lord and the Blessed Mother at Their side. 

At that moment, the devils, who had been watching from a distance, suddenly threw some object at me.  I was hit hard on the back of my head and fell down forward screaming loudly.  Many people who saw this were surprised.  I was bleeding from my mouth and undergoing extreme pains, unable even to move my body.  At that moment, I heard Jesus'voice again.

"My beloved little soul!  Even My beloved apostles of My Sacred Heart, whom I have chosen from the entire creation, are not walking toward sanctity but, without true inner reforms and by packaging themselves with hypocrisy that decorates external appearances only, deceive their neighbors and fail to dodge the poisonous arrows of lust.  Thus, under the control of the devil of division, they resort to contemptible acts in ingenious ways, rejecting one another with a collective selfishness and a lack of understanding, and inflicting wounds on one another's souls in disgraceful ways.  As I watch this, My Heart becomes immersed in deep sorrows and lamentation.  

Furthermore, the priests, whom I have chosen and installed, have been given the duty to take charge of My Body and Blood in the Eucharist and to look after the herds of sheep entrusted to them with love by supplying nutrition to numerous souls so that they may grow spiritually, but a great majority of them do not realize the importance of the priesthood and do not work for the glory of My Father.  Instead, they are complacent, thinking that they do not lack anything spiritually or secularly, which gives My Heart the pains of becoming torn apart into thousands and tens of thousands of pieces and turns It into an active volcano that spews out flames. 

However, My beloved daughter, I am immensely consoled because of you, a little soul, who offers up unceasing sacrifices, reparations and prayers for all those clergy and religious in the world and the apostles of My Sacred Heart who have been chosen by Me but are going astray.  Through your persevering love and devotion, I will revitalize those souls who have been getting destroyed gradually from within.  That is why I am shedding even the last drop of My blood and water for the conversion of sinners. 

All the children in the world who have been called!  You must remember that the time of the judgment of justice is not far off, and must remain awake and pray at every moment.  When you are not awake, the devils, who abound in the sky and on the earth, know well about the works entrusted to you, and keep their eyes on you waiting for every possible opportunity to topple you by catching you with a hook of temptation, will instigate you to become jealous and envious of one another and judgmental of one another by leading you to have an incorrect perception of the reality, and thus will cause you to disperse in all directions, eventually making you become estranged from My Love.  Therefore, make haste to wake up and defeat the cunning devils.

Thus, by always staying awake and praying in the light of the Faith, and rushing toward Me through My Mother, repenting, show the signs of sanctity and make strenuous efforts to invite the numerous neighbors of yours in the world to the heavenly banquet so that they may also possess the tree of eternal life.

Oh, all My beloved children in the world!  Wishing that all of you realize that I, together with My Mother, have given up everything, not keeping back anything, for your sake, and (wishing) that the whole world be saved, I am giving a boundless blessing to all of you who have come seeking Me and My Mother. "

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