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2006May 16, 2006- What would I not lay down for you who are seeking me?

Message on May 16, 2006

Pilgrims from all over the country gathered on the Blessed Mother's Mountain to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the first miracle of the Eucharist turning into visible flesh and blood (in Naju) and also celebrate a special vigil in honor of the Blessed Mother. We were all united in love and prayed before the Blessed Mother's spring below her statue, singing hymns and holding candlelights, to console Jesus really present in the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother, the Mediatrix of All Graces. While we were praying, the resurrected Jesus and the beautiful Blessed Mother of Mercy appeared radiating bright light. The Blessed Mother began speaking lovingly and kindly.

"My beloved children who have been called! Your Lord, Who is present in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and loves even the souls who have become hardened with sins, and this Momma, who is the shortcut for bringing up all of you with extreme love and taking you to Heaven, bestow boundless blessings on all of you gathered here to commemorate the anniversary of the change of the Eucharist into (visible) flesh and blood and also to honor me, by washing away the stains of sins which have defiled your souls so that you may become reborn with love.

While speaking, the Blessed Mother stretched out her arms and blessed all those who were present and sent down copious amounts of the water of mercy. The Lord also smiled with delight and raised His hand high and gave us His heartfelt blessing. All of us were filled with gratitude and joy in union with each other. After offering up the rosary prayer, the second part of the prayer meeting began. When we were singing the hymn: Mary's Ark of Salvation, holding hands together, the Lord and the Blessed Mother appeared again, smiling with delight over our love and devotion. Feeling that my heart was also flaming up with joy, I said, "Thank You for sending down abundant graces upon all the children gathered here. However, if even a little of our sin remains, please remove that without leaving any of it. If it is necessary that I suffer pains to heal everyone, I will gladly suffer them." At that moment, the Lord began speaking kindly."

"Yes, My lovely little soul! I have already totally laid down Myself shedding My Blood for the salvation of even the most wicked sinners who have trespassed on the sacred dignity of God; what would I not lay down for you who are seeking Me? My Mother and I are consoled by seeing your hearts filled with love for the sake of the conversion of sinners.

At that moment, a very powerful light radiated from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. This light, which felt immensely and comfortably warm, radiated upon all who were present and penetrated my body. Enveloped in this powerful light, my body was lifted up and, then, fell backward. My head hit the ground forcefully, and I became disoriented for a while. Soon I came to my senses and gladly offered up the pain for those who were present and their families so that the grace may flow into them and also for the conversion of sinners.


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