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1997June 30, 1997 (2) -I will perform miracles of love through you, who are trusting and following me.

Message on June 30, 1997 (2)

During the Overnight Prayer Meeting

Four to five thousand people including Korean and foreign priests gathered and prayed in the Naju Gymnasium in commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping in Naju. The Blessed Mother's statue, which had wept, was placed in the Gymnasium. I heard the Blessed Mother's beautiful voice from her statue.

"My beloved sons, priests, and my children! There are so many crowds of people who betray this Mother like Judas everyday, but thank you who are taking part in my great banquet to comfort me.

 Even those who did not have the intention to comfort me also came here at my invitation. Therefore, I will embrace you all in the streams of my mercy and in the light from my Immaculate Heart and will nurture you and make you breathe in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart. 

In whatever distress, adversity, and destitution you may be, abandon curiosity and have complete trust. Even if it seems that sins are approaching the saturation point and darkness is covering up everything, I will perform miracles of love through you, who are trusting and following me.

My dear, lovable babies! Too many souls, who are not abandoning curiosity and are loitering around, are fascinated by false prophets and become unable to discern because of the devil's temptation.

Therefore, I ask that you faithfully practice my messages of love hurriedly and that you do not look at this Mother with human eyes or judge her with human thoughts. If you entrust yourselves to me totally with trust and confidence instead of reasoning and logic, respond to me with "Amen," and make me known, my efforts will soon become victorious thanks to your help; you will be laughing at the big liars who distrust me, the Mother; and you will soon see the day when you will know what a great happiness it is to trust and follow the Heavenly Mother despite the accompanying pains. 

I bestow blessings on all of you who are gathered here, together with the Love of my Son Jesus Whom I love extremely."

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