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1998January 4, 1998- Follow me without worry or fear.

Message on January 4, 1998

The Blessed Mother spoke with an anxious voice.

"My beloved children!  Follow me without worry or fear.  As God, Who performs miracles by manifesting signs in the sky and on earth, rescued Daniel by sealing lions' mouths, I will surely rescue you, who are following me and trying to make me known, from the swamp of evil and help you achieve victory in the intense battle of this end time. As what had been written about the Lord in Moses? Laws, the Prophecies, and the Psalms were realized, the Words of the Lord and this Heavenly Mother will certainly be realized. Therefore, do not be concerned about what those who are self-contradictory are saying but cope with (difficulties) wisely with firm faith, trust, hope, and courage, as humble and little souls and with loving hearts.

If the children in the world do not accept but despite my words that I give them shedding tears and tears of blood and sing of a peaceful and care-free time, destruction will befall them like a thief at night.  I want at least you, who say that you know me, to remain awake and pray, not compromise with the world, follow this Mother's words, and hurriedly repair and console this Mother's torn Immaculate Heart with sacrifices and reparations so that evil may turn into good. Even if Satan appears to have successfully brought about ruin, you will see my Immaculate Heart surely achieving victory by rebuilding the place which was destroyed by Satan, through my invisible presence and with help from you who are my helpers. When Christ comes again to this world, you who are following me and making me known will appear in glory with Christ.



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