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1998February 2, 1998- There is nothing that the Lord cannot do, if He wills it.

Message on February 2, 1998

I was praying, offering up the Holy Father, the clergy, religious, laity, all the people in the world including myself, who am unworthy, to Jesus through the Blessed Mother. At about 9:45 a.m., bright light began radiating from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother's statue which had wept and I heard the beautiful and loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved daughter! My little souls who have responded with "Amen" to my call and are suffering pains! Today is the Feast of the Lord's Presentation as well as the day when I, the Heavenly Mother, was foretold of my suffering.

Do not be sad, agonize or despair, but come to this Mother's bosom hurriedly, following the messages of love that I have been giving you. A refuge where I can shelter you has been prepared.

Even if a feeling of contempt and humiliation enwraps you, who work for the Lord and me, because you were condemned with many kinds of insults, criticisms, and judgments, offer up those pains graciously for the conversion of sinners. Haven't I already told you that the insults that you, who work for me, receive are not your lot but mine?

If all the children in the world believe, trust and totally rely on the messages of love that the Lord and I have been giving them and rush toward me, they will receive a great enlightenment, overcoming all the anxieties and doubts, but too many children are compromising with the world, making the wrath of God overflow and the Heart of this Mother become filled with sorrows.

So many of my children cling to me only when they suffer pains, as if trying to grab a life buoy. Once they receive the grace they have been asking for, they not only become ungrateful but also fall into confusion and become shaken because of the words of big liars, like reeds shaken by wind. How delighted the devils would be!

Who determined the movements of heavenly bodies and who made the laws of nature? There is nothing that the Lord cannot do, if He wills it. If at least you who know me entrust yourselves completely to me and follow me, you will be the light that repels darkness.

"Because they did not keep their covenant with Me, I did not look after them, either." If these words of God fall upon the world, because you have not passed on to others what you have received, you will be responsible, too. Therefore, manage well what you have received and do not deplore or resent the wrongs in the world.

Even a farmer with little education takes good care of his crops from seeding to harvesting. How much more will I, the Heavenly Mother, not do to protect you, who are working for the Lord and me, offering up sacrifices and penance, in my Immaculate Heart and to lead you to Heaven? Therefore, with a joyful and loving heart, praise, worship and give glory to the Lord Who came to save the children in the world and gave them a new Commandment. Then, you will achieve victory over the devil who wants to overturn the world, and will soon see the day when the mouths of those who are criticizing will be closed. Therefore, I want you to remain awake and pray with greater love. An-nyoung."

Julia's note:

While I was writing down the messages, the devils interference began. They pulled my head and arms. They pulled and shook my hand wildly with which I was writing down the messages. I sprayed holy water and continued writing. Then, the devil said, "Actually you have done enough of the work that has been given to you. But what has been the result? You have only become an object of ridicule. If you discontinue this work, I will give you wealth and fame while you live on earth. You will not have to worry about your children, either." But because I did not pay attention to what he was saying, he said loudly, "Why, you are still not giving up? You like suffering so much? What a spiteful woman! Let's sweep away and overturn everything!" The devils turned over the desk and jumped at me. They threw me off the bed, pressed me down and tried to kill me.

Some time passed. The Blessed Mother appeared radiating bright light, and the devils ran away. The Blessed Mother smiled lovingly and said kindly, "You won a victory over the devil again today." When I answered with "Amen" and opened my eyes, I saw several people looking at me. There were black marks on the floor which were made by the devils. These marks were still visible the next morning.


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