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1997January 18, 1997 -Cultivate well the seeds that the Lord has planted in you.

Message on January 18, 1997

There was a Marian conference held in the cathedral in Saipan, during which I gave testimony to the Blessed Mother's messages. Afterwards, there was a Mass concelebrated by His Excellency (Bishop of Saipan) and other priests. While I was in meditation after Holy Communion, I entered an ecstasy and a vision. I saw lots of steel wires fastened together with padlocks.

Then, I saw the angels come down and unlock them with keys. Some of the padlocks remained locked. The padlocks that were unlocked symbolized people who repented their sins, while those which remained locked symbolized people who were not opening their hearts. At that moment, I heard the beautiful, kind and loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved children! Thank you for accepting my invitation. Now, open your hearts widely and hurriedly enter the refuge of my burning Immaculate Heart which has been prepared for you. A refuge where you can relax comfortably has been prepared. Courageously and adhering to the Heritage of the Faith that has been entrusted to you, unite with the Pope more humbly, following the messages of my burning love.

If the Cardinals and many bishops and priests, whom God Himself has chosen, pay more attention to the poor souls who are walking on the road to hell, take care of the herds of sheep and nurture them so that they may follow the road to Heaven, they will turn back to God and be saved with the Eucharistic Bread . . . but how many of the clergy are truly accepting me?

However, the Bishop here has accepted me in this age when even the meaning of the Sacrament of Confession is being forgotten. Thus, he has helped many souls by inviting them to this banquet with me who am the Queen of the Heaven and your Heavenly Mother so that they may repent (their sins) and come on board the Mary's Ark of Salvation which I have prepared. I will help him so that he may receive and wear the heavenly laurel crown.

As I will always be with you at your side and help you as your Mother who is caring even in little details, open your hearts widely and achieve victory over the devil. You do not realize how critically important your responsibilities are, as this age is situated in the midst of a grave danger of heresy. Cultivate well the seeds that the Lord has planted in you and do your best to reap a hundred-fold harvest.

You will experience many obstacles and personal difficulties in following me, but, if you truly believe the messages of burning love from the Lord's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart, have trust in them, and follow them, you will surely obtain Heaven. Today, together with the Lord Who has offered up all of Himself for you, I bless all of you with my encouragement, consolation and love."

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