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1995June 21, 1995 (1) -I will cover you with my heavenly mantle.

Message on June 21, 1995 10 a.m. 

The Blessed Mother speaks to the priests whom she has chosen.

"My beloved sons, my priests who are so lovely that I can put you in my eyes without feeling any pain! It is my motherly duty in this age of severe purification to train you, whom I love and cherish, to suffer pains. Therefore, offer everything up well . . .

Keep in mind that all the large and small pains that you experience in this difficult time may not be in vain but may turn into gifts of perfect love, because I, your Mother, am helping you. Do not worry or feel lonesome. Instead, push my work ahead with courage and tenacity.

Priests who have received my love and my special graces! Know that, as I did for Jesus, I always stand under your cross, do not leave you even for a moment, and watch you with my eyes filled with motherly love and mercy. I will help you so that you may blossom in all virtues and exude fragrance. Therefore, trust my words like a child and follow them. When you encounter difficulties, I will cover you with my heavenly mantle which has been prepared specially for you and will protect you. The Heavenly Father will also bless you at that time."

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