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1995June 21, 1995 (2)- When you live according to the rules of love!

Message on June 21, 1995 3 p.m.

I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel where she wept through her statue. The Blessed Mother had a very sad expression, as she knew well about my sorrowful heart. Because she could not go to the place (the mountain, the site for the new Basilica) where she had wanted to go, she was so anxious and sad, almost crying, as she was looking in the direction of that place. A while later, she spoke with a sorrowful and yet warm and kind voice.

"I ask all the children who work for the Lord and help me. For the conversion of sinners, pray, offer sacrifices, do penance and live a consecrated life. Turn your life into prayers.

The human race has already come to the brink of a cliff of destruction because of its degradation. The ongoing battles are the signs of the approaching great chastisement that will befall the human race. From now on, how many countries will be turned upside down and how many people will have to be sacrificed . . . 

If those who pursue evil persist in contradicting God the Father's Will, how can I continue preventing His Hand of Justice (from striking)?
The thorns in this end time are particularly hurting. How can those who denounce and disobey God understand anything but the preposterous fury! I am now tired of those who do not try to learn the truth but oppose me unconditionally. This age when pride and lack of love among the pessimists and the disobedient are surging is a time of misery and, to the Church, a time of painful delivery.

Whatever traps laid by the forces of evil you may face on your way, you must follow me, your Mother, who is the shield that will protect you from all kinds of attacks in my battle. Then, this Mother will rescue you from any trap and protect you.

My beloved children! The Freemasons have already laid plots of darkness and are paralyzing even key activities in the Church through their followers. So, the Church should recognize my messages fast, but it is indifferent. If, as a result, even my children for whom I took great pains to rescue from the marsh fall back into the whirlpool, what will happen to them at the end of the world and who will be responsible for that?

What will be the use of regretting and beating one's chest at that time? Ah! I am sad. All the roads are becoming blocked."

At that time, the Blessed Mother looked extremely sad and continued with a choked voice.

"My beloved children! To console me and help the messages be spread and practiced, offer up your sufferings graciously. All the children in the world who are helping me! Entrust all the difficulties that you encounter to me.

Your peace should not be shaken. The devotion in a burning heart manifests itself as unlimited love and a firm and courageous determination. When you live according to the rules of love, you will not be taken over by fear, nor will your spirit be broken by despair. Now, with one ray of hope, I again ask you, whom I love. It is not too late yet. Make haste and give me a hand so that all my children who are in sins may repent. 

If they only repent, many sheep who are following them will obtain Heaven . . . (after a pause)

Obedience is the precious key that opens the gate of Heaven widely. What my little soul is doing may sometimes not make any sense to you, but can be precious examples. Follow my words which I give you through my little soul. 

I will open the gate of Heaven to all of you who are following me and will prepare special places for you. I will always be with you.

Sometimes we cannot do certain things that you and I wish to do, in order to be obedient to the Church. Even so, I will gather you into this poor cradle in order to fill the gap and arm you spiritually.

Become flawless, beautiful flowers and enter my Immaculate Heart hurriedly and drink the spiritual milk that I give you. Then, you will receive the blessing of enjoying happiness in the eternal heavenly Paradise as children. Good bye! I pray for peace. An-nyoung!"

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