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1995June 30, 1995 (2) -Receive and worship Me with a most sincere heart.

Message on June 30, 1995 (2)

There was Mass at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Church concelebrated by the Pastor and seven priests from abroad. Tears kept flowing from my eyes.

There have been several events recently that have saddened the Lord and the Blessed Mother. The priests and pilgrims from abroad were attending Mass celebrated in Korean, which they could not understand. I felt so sorry and cried a lot.

After receiving Communion, I went back to my seat. As I was about to begin meditation, I smelled blood from the Eucharist and asked a lady beside me to take a look. People around me also saw this and began shouting, "It's blood!" A priest from Japan (92 years old), who was holding my hand, also saw it. Pilgrims were totally amazed and some began crying. 

The Pastor, unaware of what was going on, asked people to be quiet and the Mass continued. Fr. Louis Bosmans from Canada continued videotaping. At that moment, I heard the warm and loving voice of Jesus from the direction of the tabernacle.

"My beloved sons and daughters! 
I will bestow a special blessing on you, because you came here to comfort My Mother despite the long distance.
If you have insulted Me by receiving Communion sacrilegiously, see the signs that I am giving you today and receive and worship Me with a most sincere heart. Then, I will heal your deep wounds, cure your illnesses and give you a generous heart that can love everyone.

I will give you the power to liberate yourselves from the powerful army of the devil, I will give you special graces that will be used as undefeatable and secure weapons, and I will give you a strong and tenacious power to practice goodness that can trigger a chain reaction more powerful than a nuclear reaction. Therefore, hurriedly receive Me Who loves you to the extent of becoming your Food. Today I bestow special graces and blessings on all of you."

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