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1995July 5, 1995 -Entrust yourselves totally to me with faith, trust and fidelity.

Message on July 5, 1995

While suffering extreme pains, I offered up myself to the Lord. I was praying and crying, because I was not able to do all the work that I set out to do. At that moment, I heard the warm, loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"Daughter! My beloved daughter! Offer up your pains contemplating more deeply on the Lord's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart that have been torn apart. . .

My sons and daughters! Know that the Light of the Lord's Love is penetrating your lives, souls, hearts and being. Do not fall into despair or lose your hearts. Now is a very important time. If you follow me offering up all your sufferings graciously, the Lord's help and protection will be bestowed upon you accordingly in your work and hardships. If you humbly live according to my wish, the pains of my daughter whom the Lord has chosen will lighten every moment through your sincere prayers.

My beloved children! Regardless of what happens, do not stop or hesitate but go forward courageously. God has allowed free will to humans. Therefore, if people do not follow God's will, they cannot be forced. But today I offered up my daughter who has been suffering death agonies, those priests who have been called to work for me, and other children who have responded to my call to God on the altar of my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, remember this offering and follow me, throwing away everything and as more and more humble and little persons. Then, you will become the light that dispels darkness.

Now that I have called you to the Heavenly Garden, entrust yourselves totally to me with faith, trust and fidelity instead of reasoning and theorizing. Respond to me saying "Amen" and achieve unity. Nobody will be able to take you out of this place. Therefore, become givers of comfort and joy for me. As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, you should also become one. Through the prayers that you little souls offer up fervently and united as one, my burning Immaculate Heart will surely triumph."

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